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The Rambler

The Rambler

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Running Time: 
99 minutes

Getting released from prison might not have been the best thing for the Rambler (played by Dermot Mulroney). Getting a letter from his brother asking him to come out to his pony ranch to help work on it, the Rambler heads out on a cross-country trip that will send him on a journey that will test his sanity. Working his way on the roads he sees the dark side of society where death seems more of a common occurrence than kindness.

It's tough to say what the acting is for this movie since I just never knew what was going on. Dermot Mulroney plays this guy who is tough or crazy, maybe both, but whatever the character is supposed to be, he don't have many lines. He barely talks and when he does it's short and always in the mumbling, I don't care tone. Throw in that he's always wearing the hat and sunglasses and having the same facial feature I never knew what he was supposed to be feeling. All the other characters in this movie barely say anything, some don't say anything at all, so there's not much acting involved for any of them, other than being all creepy and crazy. Which considering how insanely creepy and crazy this movie is I guess the performances in this movie is quite good.

Well, the character of a guy on the road that has no name who is put in some crazy situations is not new but the story of this is one I've never seen before. I couldn't quite tell if the Rambler was crazy, if he was sane in some crazy situations, or if this was all just some odd dream. I didn't know what was real or what was fake, I felt just as lost as the Rambler but only somewhat freaked out and at times disgusted. With every passing second I just kept wondering what was going on and what was going to happen next. Whatever this movie is/was I don't know but it's one that I have to say is it's own movie.

This movie was a dark, twisted movie that just don't make any sense what-so-ever. If you're already questioning your reality or are paranoid then this might not be the movie for you to watch because it's just whacked out. This is not a happy or even normal movie, it's crazy, it's insane, it's evil, and above all it's creepy as all get out.

Hmm, story? What story is there in this movie? I honestly just don't know. At first I thought it was going to be about this tough, no-named guy that gets out of prison and has to fight his way across America. Instead, I get a story about a guy just out of prison who starts off tough, gets beat up a lot, but is just totally insane. He sees flashing lights in the sky, he has visions of death, and this is just the least of the things this character goes through. There's also the Girl (played by Lindsay Pulsipher) who just appears all through the movie but I can't tell if she's real or not then there's the man who uses some device that supposedly is able to records dreams onto VHS tapes but it really only kills them. In fact I don't know anything about what was going on in this movie, at all, except the Rambler always looks cool.

This movie looks ok when it comes to picture quality but it's also not that impressive. It has a decent enough look with little noise and grain in the blacks but it wasn't any better than most of the movies being filmed today. The colors where clear but none where bright, though this movie does have a bright look to it. I would say the audio levels are good but there's not much dialog in it for me to say if it's bad or good, just when there is something said I was able to hear it. What's disappointing about this Blu Ray is that there is absolutely no bonus features at all on here. After watching this I would have liked some commentary or anything that would tell me what this movie was about.


Lee Roberts
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