The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges were famously known for their humorous slapstick style shorts that began in the mid 1920’s and still to this day are popular among comedy fans. Moe, Larry, Curly always managed to get a laugh, whether they fighting with each other or trying to fix something. No matter what they were doing, someone was going to get hurt. While the three main Stooges have passed on, their legacy has lived on with Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes, and Will Sasso taking on the roles of the famous trio in the new Three Stooges film. Do they have what it takes to keep the laughter alive or is it best kept in the archives?

The Three Stooges follow Moe (Diamantopoulos), Larry (Hayes), and Curly (Sasso) as they venture out into the big city in an attempt to raise money to save the orphanage they grew up in from foreclosure. While they may look like adults, they’re still foolish little kids at heart. Directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly strive to capture the humor of the classic Stooges almost to an exact science. The actors do their best with the subject matter given. Will Sasso gives the best performance overall as the lovably bald Curly, but Chris Diamantopoulos and Sean Hayes unfortunately don’t quite make the same impact Moe and Larry had from the original. It just seems like they’re trying too hard to be exactly like their classic counterparts. There’s no creativity and more importantly, it’s just not as funny.

There’s plenty of slapstick humor embedded in the story. Fixing a bell on top of a school building becomes quite the challenge when these three are involved, and you can bet that tools are going to fly and head are going to be cracked. As humorous as it may be, the jokes and antics quickly become repetitive. There’s only so much eye poking and belly bumping an audience can take. That and the story itself doesn’t have much value. It just doesn’t look good when you resort to featuring the entire cast of Jersey Shore, although Old Spice veteran Isaiah Mustafa does a fantastic job as the MTV executive.

You’ll definitely laugh at The Three Stooges but a lot of it will be for all the wrong reasons. Some moments are genuinely funny but others will leave you cringing in your seat. The overlaid sound effects feel out of place and while I respect the Farrelly brothers’ attempt at revitalizing the original Hollywood comedy trio, I believe that the characters are best suited in black and white.

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Matt Rodriguez
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