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Wicked Blood
The Wild Feathers: The Wild Feathers

The Wild Feathers

(The Wild Feathers)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
The Wild Feathers self titled album started off a little rough. Track one, Backwoods Company, is rock with a country swagger and tints of Blues. The song is rocking, but in the grand scheme of things sounds a bit like The Strokes, The Fratellis, or even Jet. It’s a great kickstarter for the album, but it leads you to believe this band is something that it’s not. 
Skip ahead a couple of tracks and you get down to the flesh and bone of band, fantastic harmony on vocals (Think The Allman Brothers Band), excellent guitar work (Both electric and acoustic), a steady groove on bass, and some killer percussion work, not to mention of the great narratives in each song. 
What makes the album so grand is that it takes rock and roll and mixes it with blues, country, and at some points it even sounds a bit electronic. With so many genres intertwining in to one it’s amazing how much depth the album has and how natural it sounds for the band to mix them up so well. 
The Wild Feathers are an amazing jam band with great songwriting skills and the skill and know how to blend their music into a melting pot of sounds that give all of their songs a fresh sound from start to finish. I see myself, years down the line, still loving every second of this album. I highly suggest checking it out. Enjoy.  
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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