The Zero Theorem

The Zero Theorem

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Running Time: 
107 minutes
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For most people wanting to find what will make them happy or some sort of answer to the many questions we for just being around will go looking for them out in the world. However, for programmer Qohen Leth (played by Christoph Waltz), he looks for his answers in the form of a phone call. Each day he waits for that phone call that will make him happy or give him his answers but he's afraid that by being at work he will miss getting that call. After getting his request to work from home, the company Mancom, that Qohen works for has put in a super computer into his home that he will use to solve the mysterious mathematical formula called the Zero Theorem. Months go by with Qohen working on the formula where he starts to believe that he has missed that one call for his happiness. His work now believes that he is insane, an AI therapist has diagnosed him with all sorts of mental problems, and he is having nightmares of a black hole.
There is only one thing you need to know about this movie that should make you want to watch it instantly, that is it's directed by Terry Gilliam. Yes, the Terry Gilliam of Monty Python, and the same director who has directed many movies that are completely insane and weird yet also extremely good. This movie is no different and I expected no less from it and what I received was more than I expected. This movie is about a guy, a programmer, who is already somewhat insane, waiting on a phone call that will give him the answers to, (this is not a quote from the movie rather a quote from a very famous and best book ever, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" but it also fits for this movie), looking for the answer to "Life, the universe, and everything". In fact this movie reminds me of the book through out the whole movie, I don't know why, well the looking for answer thing is one, but for some reason that is what kept coming to my mind as I watched the movie.

Along with the answer thing, there are some very weird things happening in the plot, the AI therapist, the love story with Bainsley (played by Mélanie Thierry), and his job of working on that code. It's just an odd movie and that's one reason I really liked this movie. The plot is well written where I had no clue what was really going to happen next. I think that's because it is an odd movie so anything was really possible in it. Trying to say this one thing is what I liked about this movie is like saying the reason I like reading a book is because of one word. It's all the little pieces that built into a whole make this movie good. One is that the main character is always talking in plurals, which if tried to do really makes me sound crazy, and it does with Qohen as well, but the actor Christoph Waltz actually pulls off making it sound cool and funny.

Yes I really did like everything about this movie and that's because this is really a show, a spectacle to watch, a movie that deserves to be called a trip into another world. It don't try to be a glimpse into what the real world is like, but it's also not showing a future that looks completely false and over the top. This is a movie filled with actors that do a great job, such as David Thewlis as Joby, but every one of these cast members really bring out why they are actors and why it can be fun to watch a movie. Now, as much as I want to say this movie don't have some not so good points, it does have them. Some of the CG being used in it is not that great looking. There is a game that is played by Qohen that only looks ok but it's not too bad, just OK. Which is how they are, the CG is OK, not great, not bad, but just Ok enough to say that they didn't look horrible. Beyond that, this movie is one of the few that I've really enjoyed in the past year and how almost every element working well in it.

Alright, so you know that I liked the movie as far as acting and plot goes but just how does this movie look on Blu Ray? It's a good looking movie for sure and I think that's not fully because of the Blu Ray capabilities but because the movie was shot on film. I also think it's due to the filming of it where the lighting, the cinematography, and sets are also done well so that the outcome is one that is pleasing to the eye. As for the Blu Ray making it better, it does. The colors are bright, which in some scenes work well, one where there is a jacket that blends in with the wall background, which I thought was really cool, but the blacks and dark areas are still lit well and look good on this Blu Ray. It's a sharp picture with good sound, and it includes bonus features of the sets, costumes, and a behind the scenes feature.

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