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In attempts to keep her weekend wedding private, "Glamorous" singer Fergie pulled out all of the stops for secrecy. The singer, whose real name is Stacey Ferguson, will tie the knot today to actor Josh Duhamel, whom she has been dating since 2004.

The location of the wedding was kept under wraps to everyone, including the guests, up until this morning. "They're going to send guests instructions via e-mail. They'll be given an address and have to go (to) a couple of locations before they get shuttled to the wedding itself," says Just Jared.

Extremely eager to keep the flashing cameras of the paparazzi away, the couple not only has kept quiet about the nuptials, but they have also requested that "no one bring cell phones or cameras."

Although the location of the wedding has remained a secret, Radar Online reports that the wedding will take place in an 8,000 square foot French Chateau near the ocean, outside of Los Angeles, with over 75 guests. Talk about a dream wedding!