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UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System

UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System

Ship Date: 
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To become a champion UFC fighter you have to be prepared to sweat buckets. They are hard as nails, some of the best conditioned athletes on the planet, because they know they have to be faster, stronger and more flexible than their opponents, otherwise they risk being on the receiving end of an ugly beating. They get there through following intense routines in the gym, but now, thanks to UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fighting System, you can get there simply through playing a game, from the comfort of your home.

THQ’s UFC Personal Trainer is a fitness title designed by theNational Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with the help of top MMA trainers. It blends traditional exercises with MMA approved exercises to give you one of the most intense workouts available on a console. It measures your progress by tracking your movements with PlayStation Move – which, depending on the activity, will be in your hand or strapped to your leg (using the leg strap provided). The activities are scaled down to work with only one Move controller, but we highly recommend you use two controllers, because it’s highly unsatisfying having only half your movements tracked.

When you first switch on UFC Personal Trainer, it’ll take you through a fitness test (one minute each of push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks) before asking you to measure your heart rate. This data is used to decide your fitness level, which then determines the intensity of your activities. This basically means that if you perform well in the fitness test you’ll be asked to work more reps in your activities.

There are a few ways to approach UFC Personal Trainer. One is to work through pre-set or custom sessions with one of the three trainers – Mark DellaGrotteGreg Jackson and Javier MendezRachelle Leah also comes on screen occassionally to look hot and give some helpful advice. Each trainer has their own unique activities, so you’re not just doing the same things in front of different skins.

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Must not insert immature fart joke.

The many MMA specific activities compliment the traditional ones very well, too. DellaGrotte, for example, will teach you various striking techniques. Sure, they’re more fun than intense, but don’t worry because each trainer has full-on cardio workouts and plenty of muscle specific activities, in addition to these, to ensure that you are definitely achieving something. The game has over 70 activities, so there’s a good variety.



Review by Seanoc