Ultimate Survival Alaska: Season 3 Premiere (PREVIEW)

Ultimate Survival Alaska: Season 3 Premiere

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Sundays @ 9 PM ET
Air Date: 
Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's human vs Mother Nature as 4 teams of 3 people go against each other for the hardest competition around. Can these survivalists be able to survive some of the most grueling and dangerous lands in the world? Each team will trek across some of the toughest terrains that can be put in front of them to find out who is the toughest of them around. Having to deal with below freezing temperatures, glaciers, cracks in the Earth that seem to be bottomless, frozen waters, and so many more deadly obstacles that it could be the death of one or all of them. Going out in the wilds of Alaska will tests these survivalists where they are no longer the rulers of the land, the land is the ruler and now with a wrong step they could die or even become the dinner of a wild animal in season 3 of Ultimate Survival Alaska.

I have to be honest, I didn't even know this show existed no less is getting a third season. After watching the season premiere of the show I knew the reason why I hadn't heard about the show before. It's just another reality show with all the usual tricks and gimmicks being used to get people to watch it. Granted, Ultimate Survival Alaska is a bit different than most of the reality based shows as it is about people going against nature that could kill them. There are other shows that pit the contestants in ways that is very dangerous, in fact one of the shows is one that helped kick off all these reality based shows, so this one isn't really unique or different.
Season 3 starts off with a 2 hour premiere episode introducing the 4 teams of 3 contestants as well as some of the challenges in store for them. This is the introduction of the new season but there are still a lot of the challenges being shown. I will give it some points over the majority of the reality shows for being interesting or at least for having interesting locations. Seeing the different areas in Aslaska is what I enjoyed the most about this show. Some of the locations that are shown are simply amazing, enough so that I wish that I could be there to get some photos of the landscape, just minus the risk of death and being eaten.
However, aside from all the cool places that I got to look at, Ultimate Survival Alaska is still just another reality show. It uses all the same tricks that every reality show uses, most of which for me gets annoying while watching and is the reason why I don't like reality shows. Those reasons are when the show is edited, it will have the segments build up to right before the commercial break where some extreme moment happens, like one of the guys sliding off the side of a cliff into what is very well close death for him and his team mates. No pun intended here, but that's the cliffhanger technique and I'm fine with it when it's leading into the break but what annoys me is that when the show comes back on, that last moment gets repeated. In the last 3-5 minutes I have not forgotten what just happened, especially since it's supposed to be this shocking moment, so what is my time and the time of the show being wasted in repeating itself. Along with this there's the drawn out moments, the contestants having their little squabbles, and the talks about what's going on. Like I said, it's all the same as any other reality show, all that's changes is the content and though this is a show that has a more interesting content, I found that I had enough of this show without the need of seeing more of it.

Lee Roberts
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