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Urban Suburban: Andrew & Cherish (PREVIEW)

Urban Suburban

Andrew & Cherish
Regular Air Date: 
Thursdays @ 9PM ET
Air Date: 
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Urban Suburban helps a family decide on whether they want to live in an urban setting that is close to the city or in a suburban setting that is more in tune with nature. In its debut episode, sibling realtors Phil and Sarah help Andrew and Cherish find the perfect home that matches their needs and lifestyle, with Phil picking out the perfect urban homes and Sarah handling the suburban ones. In the end, it’s Andrew and Cherish who have the final say, however.

The show features three rounds in which Phil and Sarah go head-to-head in showcasing homes from their urban/suburban environments. In total, six homes are shown, three from each community. The whole rounds structure seems a little unnecessary as there’s really no need to compare homes two at a time. The real comparison is in the setting, and the use of rounds unnecessarily complicates things.

What I do like about the show is that it allows the soon-to-be homeowners to simply explore the homes on their own without Phil or Sarah guiding them through the house. They have free reign to explore at their own pace, and they say what they do and do not like about each home. Meanwhile Phil and Sarah offer up their own commentary completely separate from the buyers.

Overall, Urban Suburban isn’t all that different from typical house hunter shows. Basically a couple is being show six houses, and they get to decide which one suites them best. Phil and Sarah have a good dynamic, but it’s not enough to make the show stand out among the competition.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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