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On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Running Time: 
96 minutes

Private investigator Larry (played byLawrenceMichael Levine) and his assistant Ayesha (played by Kelsy Abbott) get hired to look into the disappearance of Kyle (played by L.C. Holt). According to his mother, Kyle hasn't been seen for days and she's worried about her son. The two P.I.'s break into Kyle's home thinking that this would help them find this missing student. When they enter the home they find that there's more to Kyle's disappearance then his mother let on. Finding a computer that was recording at the time of their entry, Larry and Ayesha play the recording to only be told to watch the tapes for what will end up doing something to them. While Larry looks around the house Ayesha begins watching the tapes but when Larry returns to her he finds that Ayesha is dead and that Kyle had killed himself because of the tapes. From tape to tape death and carnage unfold before his eyes.

I have yet to watch the first movie to V/H/S/2 but after watching this I'm now wanting to more. This movie is a movie with movies inside of that uses the tapes found to tell multple shorts of other movies. Each one of the movies are different, well, the stories and characters are different but the outcome of death is still the same. One thing that I liked about this was that the camera work wasn't that shaky. I expected it to be a lot worse as they tried to make the movies look like they where taped by hand held cameras, and there is that movement, but it's not to the point where it feels like I'm watching a camera mounted on a jackhammer.
Editing is done quite well for a movie that contains shorts of other movies inside it. It flows well with each other where the shorts are just that, short, and not drawn out where they become more than they should be. I also like how the main movie, which I won't give away, was part of the shorts while still being the main movie. V/H/S/2 might be one movie but it's also 5 movies total being played out.

Ok, so I can't call this movie original because it's a sequel but it's actually has some originality in it. Still, for a movie that's a sequel it still has a lot of originality to it. Such as the short called A Ride in the Park where it follows a guy going for a ride on his bike when he gets turned into a zombie. What makes this one stand out and different from other zombie movies, full and short, is that it's being shot from the camera on the helmet of the guy on the bike who now gives us the view of a zombie. At times it's quite disturbing but it's also different making it more interesting to watch even though it does have moments that would make me want to look away. Being that this was the first of the two V/H/S movies I've watched this sequel actually turned out to be all new to me. It's why I also got to say for a sequel it's still a stand alone movie where I didn't find anything in this one that would require me to watch the first to understand what's going on.

V/H/S/2 has a dark and at times disturbing tone to it. It does not try to hide or be anything other than what it is, a movie about death and gore. It uses some of the usual techniques to make people jump and give them the shivers while also just being somewhat nasty. Such as the moments when the main characters don't notice that someone is appearing behind them at times or when we get to see what it looks like from the view of a zombie. It's a dark movie with death, nothing else, nothing more, but it works for this movie. I enjoyed it, in all it's gore filled death that's being shown, it made me have the shivers and makes me not want to look at any VHS tapes.

This might be a movie named after a video format that's no longer used, it might be a movie that shows that same said format being used, but it looks nothing like what a VHS tape would look like. I know this because I used VHS tapes before watching DVD and before Blu Ray and I have just recently watched VHS again, so I know the look of VHS. Knowing that this movie is trying to use that old format while having it on Blu Ray is pretty much a oxymoron by it being HD VHS, just not going to happen. What is used for the tape portions are tried to look like it's on tape by down grading the quality in the editing process but I can still see that the picture quality is modern and good. This is also a time when I can say that by making the colors look a little duller and making the sharpness somewhat rough, it helps make the movie have a better feel to it. For a movie that's using a old format that looks bad the quality and sound are both good.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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