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Weaver At The Loom: Before Now Was Then

Before Now Was Then

(Weaver At The Loom)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I will admit that there are certain musical genres that I prefer over others, everyone does, but I would be wrong if I were to say that just because I don't care much for one genre that means the songs are bad. All music can have songs that are great and some that are horrible, it's also the reason why music should not be written off because it is a genre that is not normally listened to. When I played the new album “Before Now, Was Then” by Weaver At The Loom, I was struck with the thought on how this band has went unnoticed by the radio stations. They have a style that could easily bridge the gaps between rock, indie-rock, pop rock, and alternative rock while being liked on all the stations.
Maybe it's because their style is not quite defined, even though they are defined as indie-rock their music to me just can't be put into the hole of one style. Sure the songs on the album are all formatted the same way with a similar sound but that sound is more than just indie-rock. The softness of the vocals give the songs a indie-rock sound, the lyrics are pop rock/alternative rock, the instruments a indie-rock and pop. If you are looking for songs that will get you pumped up, bouncing off the walls with energy, or pounding on the steering wheel in anger then this should be an album not to play. Not because it's bad, only because the songs are mellow with soft vocals and low key tempos. I did and do like this album but it's one that I couldn't listen to if I where in a bad/sad/down mood because it would only bring me down more.
The songs are good, they sound good, but they are also songs that require me to be in a good mood to handle the slower paced, softness of them. Especially if I were to listen to the whole album at once because the 8 songs on the album are all formatted similarly and have a similar sound to them. Each of the songs have some good tempos, the beats are catchy, the lyrics have an emotional theme to them, but it's the soft, drawn out vocals that slowly got to me after awhile. First they made me feel a little down, then they made me feel tired, and then I had to stop completely because I just wanted to smile. I do like this album, this band has a lot of talent, talent that don't sound like it's been worked on with a mixer but it's also an album that don't change from song to song. This is the only problem but it's a big one. Listening to one song is not much difference than listening to every song, only that instead of a few minutes it's a half hour. I would have liked there to have been at least one track on this album that picked up the pace more than what they do as well as having the vocals have a  level and tempo change at times. I won't be listening to this album as a whole in one sitting but I could easily handle one or two songs at a time.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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