Whiplash: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Whiplash Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

(Justin Hurwitz)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

There are many kinds of soundtracks for movies, the ones that have parts of the movie in it, some that are just the songs, some are mixed where it includes songs and parts of the movie, and some that are composed music just for that movie. All the different types soundtracks have one thing in common though, they tell the mood/moment of the scene they are played for. For the soundtrack “Whiplash”, which is the name of the movie it's from, the music on it does all of what I mention above, has parts of the movie, are songs, mixed songs and movie, and is also composed just for the movie. However, there's a twist to this soundtrack, it's music for a movie about music and the musician trying to get better at playing the drums in jazz music.
I have to admit that I'm not one that knows anything about jazz music, I like it, I know when I'm in the mood for it and when I'm not, but to actually have a conversation about who is the best jazz drummer or what is the best jazz song is, I couldn't do it. When listening to the Whiplash soundtrack I found that I was just listening to the music at first to find out if I liked it, which I did. There was one moment when I was listening to it in the car that I got a little freaked out because at the time I was just driving over a set of railroad tracks and the song that played has what sounded like a train whistle blowing. Yep, that got my attention but so did the whole soundtrack. With the opening track, “Snare Liftoff”, my attention was grabbed because of the moment from the movie it's taken from and this whole soundtrack is set up that way. Mixed in throughout the soundtrack are moments from the movie and it's edited in really well.
This whole soundtrack is edited well with a smooth flow in the music and the mixture of songs and moments from the movie. Is this the best jazz music I've ever heard? No, it's good though and it's got a really good flow to it. I was expecting more drums on this soundtrack considering how the main character in the movie is a drummer, but there is a decent amount of them in the songs. I think my most liked song was the one that is also the longest song on the album at a little over 9 minutes long, “Caravan”. These songs give a good mixture of energy, some a little low key, some quicker paced, and some that just pound out the energy.  Though I might not know anything about jazz, I do know that I liked these songs. They sound good, they have good beats, I like how some parts of the movie is blended into the tracks to give it a good flow as well as a better understanding of the emotions in the songs and where they are going. This soundtrack does it purpose, it entertains me while listening to but it also has made me want to watch the movie more than I did before.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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