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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So you are a fan of Will & Grace and couldn’t afford or didn’t want to pay the $30 or $40 a season. Well they are offering “Best Of” releases for around $20 for 16 episodes. These episodes are all based around friends. There are episodes from all different seasons so you will get a good mix. Yes I did just recycle the same statement from the “Will & Grace Best Of Love & Marriage” review. But this is a fairly similar release. The good thing about this release though is the bonus features include. They are 5 basically montages of different things from the show; but it is better than commentary on just one episode.  Still the issue here is if you have bought any of the complete seasons or not. If you have it is a waste to purchase, you already have these episodes (or if you have bought a couple of seasons then you have some of these episodes already).

Episode List:
Grace, Replaced (4/8/99)
Gypsies, Tramps & Weeds (11/16/00)
Swimmin’ Pools…Movie Stars (1/11/01)
Crazy In Love (2/01/01)
My Uncle The Car (2/15/01)
A Chorus Lie (2/7/02)
Fagel Attraction (4/25/02)
Bacon And Eggs (10/03/02)
Homojo (2/6/03)
Women And Children First (2/13/03)
Dolls And Dolls (4/24/03)
Fanilow (12/11/03)
I Do. Oh No, You Din-in’t Part 1 & 2 (4/29/04)
Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine (11/4/04)
Alive And Schticking (9/29/05)
Buy Buy Baby (3/30/06)

Bonus Features:
Let’s Get Physical - Montage of the physical comedy in Will & Grace
My Breast Friend – Clips of breast jokes
The Little Voice In My Head – Clips of the characters doing various voices
With A Song In Our Hearts – Clips of singing throughout the show
The Sounds Of Comedy – Clips of the funny sounds/noises that have been made throughout the show

Review by Pandora
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