Wizard Wars: Fire and Ice (PREVIEW)

Wizard Wars Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice
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Thursdays @10PM ET
Air Date: 
Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wizard Wars, though the title might have the show sounding like it will be really cool, it's not exactly a show about wizards fighting one another. The premise of this show is simple, a group of people are given certain objects to use that they will craft some sort of trick/act with while in front of an audience and judges. Among the judges are the famous duo act, Penn and Teller, who will judge the acts that are being done in front of them. There are two teams that use the items and they will compete against each other to see who can impress the judges with the tricks they come up with in the little time they have before putting on the show.
Alright, so Wizard Wars is not quite the reality show like most that are on air or have been on air, it still has the same elements of the reality show. The cameras follow along with the contestants as they banter with each other, make jokes, and try to come up with cool magic tricks. Then out on stage they put on their short show, do the tricks, all while trying to be impressive to the judges and audience. So like other reality shows, Wizard Wars sets the show up where there is  the ones where you want to win, the ones you like or don't like, and it's all edited together where the show progresses quickly. It's supposed to be a fun show, one with the entertainment of the contestants putting on their acts and doing the magic tricks, while also being a show with tension as we listen to the judges make their statements on why like or don't like the contestants.
I wasn't too impressed with the show as I watched it. Like most reality shows for me, it was too long and had no need being an hour long. For me the showing of the contestants getting ready in the staging area when they try to figure out their tricks is just wasted and useless footage. All I would have preferred to see is a quick list of the items, show it as a list or even some video shots of it, then have the rest of the show about the actual performance. That would have at least been interesting to me, the way it is the show just drags on with all the build up and setting up of the tricks and by the time the contestants preform their tricks they don't have much air time to use. The show ended up being more boring for me because of the way it was set up. I also didn't like how the show focused on Penn and Teller more then the other judges. I get it, they are famous, and compared to the other judges I knew them whereas I didn't know the others, but that don't mean they should leave them out. There is also the filler, yes a filler act, one that was brought up to perform some tricks while the contestants went back to set up for their next trick. This is not a live broadcast show, it's recorded, cut him out, show me the core contestants doing their tricks where they have to be creative, not a trick that looked like it would be done as an act during a comedy routine.

Lee Roberts
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