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Young and Wild

Young and Wild

On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 36 Minutes
Did You Know?

The film was based on a real life blog that has since gone back up.

Daniela is at the peak of her sexual awakening. Before we learn too much about her we learn that she has done just about everything under the sun, with a few exceptions, and that she lives in the home of her fanatically religious parents. As the story rolls on Daniela is ousted from her religiously based school a month before college prep exams, as well as ousted to her parents about her sexual nature. Talk about awkward.

Forced to work at a religious television company that is connected to the family, she meets Tomas, a pious youth who Daniela has her eyes set upon. Along the way things get complicated when she begins to eye another co-worker. Daniela’s life is a train wreck just waiting to happen as she balances her sexuality as well as her spirituality, gaining advice and criticisms from followers on her blog titled Young & Wild.

This is the type of film that’s going to put your world on it’s ear, depending on where you’ve been and or where your going. If you’re an older viewer you’ll like be dragged down memory lane, either with a smile on your face or kicking and screaming all the way. In the world that we live in sex has been a viable selling tool and none are more willing to purchase then teenagers. I personally think hormones have nothing to do with it, were just preprogrammed that way with every music video, film, books, hell, even video games and cartoons. Sex is everywhere and before we can comprehend what the game plan is were already trying to get our piece of the pie because we’ve been taught by the world at large, even those goody good parents (everyone has a past) that sex is normal, just don’t get caught.

Religion, that’s a different monster all its own. As we watch Daniela stumble down her steps of sin (that’s a quote from the film) we see her grapple with her spirituality and see how she perceives what that attachment should be from her overpowering mother to her Uncle, and of course other teens on her blog. The bible tells us that sex before marriage is wrong, but as a teenager you see so much sexuality in everything that the words begin to become contradiction, it’s here where the danger begins for most, especially Daniela. Is religion right? Just look at the way her mother treats her. A very religious person who has enough of God’s love in her heart, but hardly enough to spare to share some with Daniela. It’s all these little things that add up in this explicit film that seems to dive straight into the mind of a horny teenager.

The film is super graphic. We see mostly all the working parts on all the teenage characters and we see them in action. Flashes of genitalia fly across your screen in scenes of fellatio and penetration. Illustrated images pop up in humorous instances of doubt and confusion. It’s all raunchy but with purpose, exploiting the mind of a teenager, exploiting the processed ideas of the world through that mind, and then giving us the consequences, results, aftermath, whatever you want to call it. Is it a cautionary tale or simply a more realistic coming of age tale? You be the judge. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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