>> Belle Histoire: I Can Tell (2012)

Artist: Belle Histoire

Album: I Can Tell

Members: Jane Smith, Aaron Hunt, Austin Livingood, Mitch Winsett, Wes Comer

Genre: Other, Pop

Label: InVogue Records

Tracks: 4

Type: EP

Release Date: February 14, 2012

Discs: 1

Rating: 2.41 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C+

What is the definition of pop/indie pop music? For me it would be songs that are done in a upbeat, fun, songs that are geared to cheer up the listener. What we normally get on the radio is not this kind of music, it’s usually all this same high pitched, synthesized sound, that plays the same beat again and again without having any kind of joy in the song. I’m tired of the same sound that I hear on the radio, which makes listening to the EP by Belle Histoire refreshing and enjoyable.

Here is another female fronted band that has a good voice that sounds like it’s her actual voice and not something that’s been put through a machine to make her sound better than she actual is. Okay, so the first 2 songs on the EP can best be described as gooey love songs. Typically I don’t care much for songs that are so happily upbeat about being in love but it’s the vocals of Jane Smith that sells the songs. She has a very clear voice that keeps a good even tone while she sings some high pitched, drawn out notes without making me cringe when hearing her. She has a good voice, I wouldn’t go so far as saying that she has that sexy voice but it’s close to it. What I liked the most about her vocals is that they don’t sound whiney at any point, and when the song is such, shall I say sappy, love song, having vocals that can carry a note makes it at least audible.

As I listened to “I Can Tell” I noticed that the songs are not complicated songs. There’s no beats that sound like it would take a very talented musician to play it or that the band was playing something new that only they could play. What I heard were songs that are being played by a group of musicians that have the skill to play their respective instruments well but they’ve played the song so many times that they have become a little bored with it. I think if Belle Histoire pushes themselves but keeps the songs that they are creating from falling victim to being like all the other thousand+ pop groups that flood the market then they have the chance to be a good band.


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