>> Bleeding Through: The Great Fire (2012)

Artist: Bleeding Through

Album: The Great Fire

Members: Brandan Schieppati, Brian Leppke, Ryan Wombacher, Derek Youngsma, Marta Peterson, Dave Nassie

Genre: Metal

Label: Rise Records

Tracks: 14

Release Date: January 31, 2012

Discs: 2

Rating: 1.70 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D+

I should have had a better idea of what I was going to be listening to when the bands title is called Bleeding Through and the album title The Great Fire but when I heard the first song “The March” it through me off. That first song is just a instrumental song that sounds like a opening portion to an 90’s heavy metal song. It has a good mixture of the instruments that blend together without any one instrument standing out over the rest. But then the first song quickly becomes the second song “Faith in Fire” without missing a beat and had me doing light speed as I reached for the volume control.

Loud and hard, that’s the only good way to describe Bleeding Through. This band is death metal at it’s deathest. They have all the loud, deep, guttural sounding vocals that 99% of the time I had no clue what Brandan Schieppati was saying. Every now and then I’ll catch a word that I think might what he is saying but if I were to have to make a bet on what it was these songs are meaning or what the lyrics where I wouldn’t even bet a penny. That’s just how indecipherable these lyrics are, at least for me they are. It’s all just a lot of loud, fast, and jumbled words that I’m sure are supposed to have some sort of meaning but all I get from them is a lot of head banging and one long scream.

Though that’s what makes the style of song work for it, the loudness, the vocals that can’t be understood, and the intensity of the noise that is being beat against me. Bleeding Through can not be said to be a boring band to listen to, you might not like the sound, at times I didn’t because the vocals just sounding like grunts to me, but the energy in the songs fill the air like no other genre of music can. If I were a teenager again I would be bouncing off the walls, literally, from listening to The Great Fire, that’s how much energy and power these songs have but sadly I’m not a teenager and all I can really do is listen to a few songs at a time while shaking my head around some before I get a headache. These songs are not the typical song so defining it under the normal critiques wouldn’t work because I both dislike the songs because of how for the most part they song like loud noise but I also like them because they loud noise has been put together in a fitting manner to allow the songs to have their energy. The Great Fire will probably only be played when I want to get a quick adrenaline rush but it will only last for one or two songs, beyond that it will become noise and give me a headache.


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