>> Feist: Metals (2011)

Artist: Feist

Album: Metals

Members: Feist

Genre: Blues, Easy Listening, Folk, Jazz, Rock

Label: Cherrytree / Interscope

Tracks: 12

Type: Digital

Release Date: October 4, 2011

Rating: 3.70 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B+

Official Site

Stream It:

Go to Feist's official webpage and you can stream four tracks from the album.

Let me first start off with a tid bit that will no doubt find itself included in every review for the newest Feist album, Metals. There is no 1234, or any other pop mentality existent on this album. Metals is a lush and beautiful album that relies heavily on strings and subtle drum sequences, ambient construction of songs by tempo and volume, and lyrically the album goes for depth multiplied by Feist’s range and ability to emote within each songs feel. At times there is a very 60’s feel to it reminiscent of the folk explosion back in those days.

While I absolutely think this album is fantastic, one that can pull you in with an intellectual hook or simply lull you with a sweet harmony between both singer and instruments, it is maybe too peaceful an album, not all that lively as far as setting you, the listener, in any sort of motion. No toe tapping or head nodding induced fervor. To enjoy this album truly is like seeing a painting that is so upfront in its intellectual meaning, and even so in its semblance aspect, but it also leaves room for you to come to your own conclusions, and doing so with a beautiful soundtrack for life that wont interfere with the thinking process. The Bad In Each Other Is A Fine Example. Its semblance is its clunky off kilter percussion opening which meshes into a folksy vocal/guitar tandem, and then when your not expecting it the chorus kicks in with life and with depth that includes horns, male vocals meshing well with Feist, and then back to the beginning drawing everything into a full spectrum circle.

Chances are this will be one of those albums that you throw on to relax or ignore but not one that’s going to define you or become a staple for activities that require music as motivation. It has its repetitive qualities that can be overlooked and a few toss out tracks, but in the end, on first listen, your going to enjoy this album, and from there, who knows. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.  




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