>> Phantom (Soundtrack) (2013)

Artist: Jeff Rona

Album: Phantom

Members: Jeff Rona, Rachel Fannan

Genre: Soundtrack/Theater

Label: Milan Records

Tracks: 27

Release Date: February 26, 2013

Discs: 1

Rating: 3.01 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B

When it comes to movie soundtracks the music can be comprised of all sorts of songs, music, and sounds from songs you hear on the radio to just clips taken from the movie itself. Most movies create their own soundtracks by using a composer to play the score and with Phantom that composer is Jeff Rona. The Phantom soundtrack consists of 27 tracks with a play time of 1.1 hours with the longest track lasting 4:32 minutes and the shortest at 54 seconds. When it comes to the stats like that, this soundtrack is no different than all the other instrumental music being composed for a movie.

Listening to the soundtrack for the first time I didn’t hear anything too extraordinary. The songs have an average length of around 3 minutes and 26 out of the 27 songs feature no lyrics or sounds being made by a human. When that one lonely song that does features vocals from Rachel Fannan it’s mostly just sounds being sung rather than words. Which this last song, “An Ocean Away”, with it’s vocals, is the song that I liked the most off this sound track. What makes me like this one song the most out of the other 26 is the vocals of Rachel Fannan and how this one songs creates such a different sound compared to the others that it stands out the most.

Though the other 26 tracks are nothing to ignore either. When I first played the soundtrack I might not have heard anything that was groundbreaking in the way of instrumental soundtrack scores I was still hearing a well played soundtrack. Jeff Rona has done a good job in composing a soundtrack that has well played songs and songs that are telling me that this movie will feature a lot of intense moments. Which is no surprise considering that the movie is a submarine movie. What is and was a surprise is that the music being created on this soundtrack has elements of sounds from the submarine used in the film. Jeff Rona wenton the sub and used sounds he found that where made on the sub and integrated them into the score for the soundtrack. I didn’t know this at first when listening to the soundtrack and even knowing now that he did I can’t quite pick out what sounds was used. But what I can say is that the soundtrack did take on a new and different sound when I listened it again for a third time knowing about the sounds. This soundtrack is well played and does what a soundtrack should do, tell a story with music and create an emotion in you, and I’m sure if I were to watch the movie Phantom I would find that the music would increase the emotion of the scene because right now as I write this I feel like I’m on the verge of either a huge break through or someone will be breaking through my door any second.


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