>> Subnoize Souljaz: Underground Collabos (2012)

Parental Advisory

Artist: Various

Album: Underground Collabos

Genre: R&B, Rap/Hip Hop, Rock

Label: Suburban Noize

Tracks: 28

Type: LP

Release Date: January 31, 2012

Discs: 2

Rating: 4.00 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A

Official Site

Fans of the Suburban Noize label won’t need to be told what to expect when listening to a release that features a collection of the labels artists laying down tracks for a double album collection. (Hed) P.E., Kottonmouth Kings, Swollen Members, Tech N9ne and more share tracks throughout the collection that vary from decent to excellent.

I’ve been listening to the Suburban Noize label for awhile now, even had some (Hed) P.E. stuff from way back in the day, so I knew what I was getting into. There is lots of pot talk, a lot of what most would consider misogynistic banter, tough guy bravado, but before you judge you’ve got to give the entirety of the album a once over. Aside from the usual SN stuff you’ll also find tracks like Be Easy by Potluck & Krizz Kaliko and Sacrifice by Kottonmouth Kings & Tech N9ne. Both tracks were a bit of a surprise considering the mood for most of the album. Be Easy talks about being cool and not tripping because not everyone is looking for trouble (though if it’s trouble you want it’s trouble you’ll get win or lose, if it comes to that). For an album that’s loaded with a lot of tough guy bravado this one is the most logical of the group basically telling listeners to be chill. Sacrifice is one of two tracks on the album that expresses a sense of loneliness and a tinge of regret that while the artists are hard at work making money and on the road for most of their lives, their doing it for their families and for the future. Some of it is touching and some of it ends up straying from the narrative a bit.  

As a whole the album will please SN fans that have been waiting for this collection that brings some of their favorite label artists together on tracks. I enjoyed most of it. I didn’t much care for Action by Kottonmouth Kings & Tech N9ne which runs that tough guy image with a repetitive chorus. It’s really the chorus that kills the track leaving little room for a lyrical narrative among the tracks run time. Smoke the Pain Away by Pot Luck & Twiztid was another track that I didn’t care for (my first experience with emo hip hop?). It combines two dislikes of mine; whiny emo sentimentality and a weak message about coping with your shit. Other then that I highly recommend this to fans of hip hop and fans of the DYI label Suburban Noize, you know who you are.


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