>> Young Statues: Self-Titled (2011)

Artist: Young Statues

Album: Young Statues

Members: Carmen Cirignano, Tom Ryan, Steve Poponi, Daniel Bogan, Matt Weber

Genre: Other, Pop, Rock


Tracks: 11

Release Date: November 8, 2011

Discs: 1

Rating: 3.48 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B+

Making a good first impression is important with most of everything we do, see, and listen to but unlike with most others first impressions, music can have a lack luster first impression but slowly grow to be liked. On their debut album with a title of the bands name, Young Statues have made their first album a good first impression. Though with the first song “Spacism”, I wasn’t quite that impressed, hence the opening sentence where music can grow on the listener. This is exactly what has happened with me as I sat down to listen to the whole album of Young Statues.

With the first song “Spacism” I thought I was going to be hearing 11 songs that were the typical indie-rock song that’s been played on the radio and used for soundtracks on independent movies and commercials. You know the style of song I’m talking about, the one with that bouncy tempo, the semi quick beats of the instruments, and how though they are trying to make it sound like they have some loudness to their volume the levels still keep that low key vocal levels. With the second song “Athens” nothing had changed, the song had the same tempo, where the vocals would give some even lyrics for a few seconds then raise up for a few more, then hold a long note, then doing the higher volume for the chorus.

Nothing really changed between the songs, most do keep the same song structure with the tempos and beats, but the saving grace for Young Statues is the vocals. Vocals on the songs are smooth, strong, and has a good sound that make the songs have this sound that made me want to listen to them. Even though I wasn’t too impressed with how the songs didn’t change much on the tempo but with the vocals giving the smooth sound to the songs, I found myself liking the mellow beats being played. Young Statues might be a young band who are just making their first album and starting their career as a band in the world of record labels but they have a sound of a band that has been around for years with multiple albums on the market. From what I heard on this first album I hope that they will grow into a group that will be able to change up their songs to give the world some fresh songs and ablums.


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