>> Clone Hunter (2010)

Title: Clone Hunter

Edition: Standard

Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi

Starring: Benjamin Thomas, Anglea Funk, Vincent Marano, Daid Ian Lee, Thomas Rowen

Director: Andrew Bellware

Studio: Lifesize Ent.

Runtime: 88 minutes

Release Date: August 10, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

Rating: 1.38 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D+

Special Features

Blooers, Still Photos, interview with director, trailer, and commentary

In the future year of 2525 the ability to clone the human body is possible. Not only is it possible but it is legal and it’s being done every day. In this year the cloning process is used to harvest the bodies so that the minds of the main person can be transplanted into the clones body. Sometimes though there are clones that go bad and when that happens the Clone Hunter is called in. Cane (played by Benjamin Thomas) and his partner Rachel (played by Angela Funk) has been hired to go after a rogue clone. Thinking they are going on a routine case, they soon find out that there is more to this clone then was first told to them. Capturing this clone will take more than they originally thought but Cane and Rachel will not let anything or anyone stop them from getting the job done.
This is one low budget movie that proves that low budget movies are sometimes made just because it can be made. From the very start of this movie the first thing that’s noticeable is the way the picture looks. It’s grainy, dark, and looks like it was shot with a camera in the 70’s. It looks like a old film, I don’t know if this was done on purpose for some sort of effect or maybe because the cameras used in filming it wasn’t good enough so there is some sort of effect put on to make it look old. Whatever reason it just don’t look good and it didn’t help make the film any better while watching. There are also the special effects, if that’s what it can be called. One of the CGI effects is used multiple times that as far as I can tell is supposed to be at different times and locations but it just shows the same scene.
Though the picture looks bad it’s not as bad as the acting in this. The lines have this sound to them as if they are just being recalled from memory then said out loud though with no feeling behind the words. Cane, the main actor, who’s supposed to be this tough guy that hunts clones just don’t seem tough at all. If anything he’s a little annoying the way he just kind of walks around doing nothing. Rachel on the other hand wants to be tough, tries to act tough, but nope she don’t pull it off. None of the minor characters bring anything to the film. They just seem to be there to give something for the main two characters to do.
Acting and CGI is not the only bad points to Clone Hunter. The plot line is just all kinds of mixed up. These clone hunters are supposed to be going after this one clone that for some reason has been able to become a stronger than normal clone. Only it’s never explained why or how the clone becomes this way. Then there’s the hand of Rachel. For some reason it’s some sort of glove that’s supposed to be a robotic hand. Sure there’s a somewhat of a reason given to why she has it but it’s in passing and it’s lame. The main point of hunting this clone is easy enough to follow but the story just seems to have some dialog happening through the film and then it’s given an ending.  Clone Hunter is a campy movie that just couldn’t pull of being a fun one to watch, even with the special features having bloopers couldn’t save it.



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