>> Freak Dance (2012)

Title: Freak Dance

Genre: Comedy, Musical

Starring: Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Joshua Allen, Edwin J. Bennett, Kathryn Burns

Director: Matt Besser and Neil Mahoney

Studio: Image Entertainment

Runtime: 97 minutes

Release Date: July 10, 2012

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

Rating: 0.82 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D-

Bonus Features

Commentary, Deleted and Extended Scenes, The Dangers of Freak Dancing

Cocolonia (played by Megan Heyn) is rich, beautiful, and all she wants to do is dance. It’s in her blood to dance but with her rich, uptight mother (played by Amy Poehler) forbids her to dance, Cocolonia does the only thing she can, go to the streets to dance. Finding a dance team that’s being shut down by the man, Cocolonia is able to prove that she can dance with them as they get ready for a big dance-off. With the help from one of the best dancers, Funky Bunch (played by Michael Cassady), Cocolonia might be able to show not only her mother but others that dancing is special.

Freak Dance had me want to turn it off with how boring and unfunny it was. It’s plot takes a rich girl who lives at home where her mother don’t want her to dance because people who dance are bad people who are the problems of the world. She finds a group of dancers who are these rebels who dance regardless of what people tell them and they take the rich girl under their wing to teach her how to dance. This is of course a parody of other dance movies/musicals, and yes it’s a musical as well, but it’s just not funny.

Everything is done way over the top but without any real enjoyment or style. It feels like directors Matt Besser and Neil Mahoney were trying to making what they think is a funny movie by putting in scenes, jokes, and songs that showcase how they see movies like this. One of the problems of Freak Dance are the characters who have been made to be funny but they’re too outrageous to be funny. It’s almost like someone writing the word ‘Funny’ and saying hey look at this hilarious joke. I know the meaning of the word but that don’t make it a joke or funny. That’s how I felt while watching Freak Dance, that I knew I was supposed to be watching a comedy, it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s not.

There were a few moments when one of the songs had a line it that caught my attention but it didn’t ever get a chuckle out of me. Now as boring as this comedy was I will have to give it some credit on a few points. One is that the dancing these actors and I’m going to say actual dancers do are pretty impressive. Granted most of the main actors are doing the comedy style dance to show how the movie is supposed to be a comedy but the reason that’s actually impressive is how the whole group does some of the dance scenes in sync with each other. There’s also the editing done on Freak Dance that I was impressed with. The movie might not be funny but it did flow nicely with quick cuts that follow the dancing as the cast moves around. Still though, as good as the editing was and how good the dancing was performed, neither makes up for it not being funny.


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