>> Hitler's Bodyguard (2010)

Title: Hitler's Bodyguard

Genre: Documentary, War

Director: Alexander Kluge

Studio: Acorn Media

Runtime: 611 minutes

Release Date: February 2, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 4

MPAA Rating: NR

Rating: 3.70 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B+

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Bonus Features

20-page viewer's guide with highlights, questions to consider, avenues, for further learning, Who's Who among Hitler's Bodyguard, and a guide to Hitler's security units; Killing Hitler in the Movies filmography; Photo galleries

This documentary shows, in 13 episodes, accounts of various assassination plots against Adolf Hitler, how he escaped them, who plotted against him, and who was responsible for his protection.
There were more than 40 cases from amateurish plans by civilians and resistant groups to well laid-out plans by Hitler’s inner circle, such as the July 20 plot of 1944 aka Operation Valkyrie. It is incredible to see how close some plots were to succeeding in murdering Hitler, and it is not surprising that he became obsessed with security measures after having dodged several assassination attempts. As he even became suspicious of his inner circle, his bodyguards naturally had to work around the clock to protect him. Eventually, this caused Hitler to take different modes of transportation, to change his trips in the last minute, and also to use doubles. The footages of witnesses’ accounts, stills of Hitler’s hideouts, and computer-generated reconstructions certainly help us to see the magnitudes of both protection and assassination plans, but some of the materials are used quite repeatedly throughout the set. 
Hitler’s Bodyguard tells fascinating stories about the minds, backgrounds and motivations of murdering as well as protecting Hitler. I would like it even more if this documentary was presented in chronological order, but I still recommend this set to anyone who is interested in assassination attempts on Hitler’s life and in men and women who stood for and against probably the most evil man of the 20th century.  


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