>> The Odd Life of Timothy Green (BLU-RAY) (2012)

Title: The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

Genre: Drama, Family, Kids

Starring: Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, CJ Adams

Director: Peter Hedges

Studio: Disney

Runtime: 105 minutes

Release Date: December 4, 2012

Format: BLU-RAY, DVD

Discs: 2

MPAA Rating: PG

Rating: 2.00 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C

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Interesting Tidbits

CJ Adams (Who plays Timothy Green) admitted the legs in the movie posters with the leaves are a body double's legs and not his own.

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” is the story of Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim (Joel Edgarton) Green, who live in the small mid-western town of Stanleyville, which is known for the pencils they produce. Cindy works for the Stanleyville Museum while Jim works for the Stanleyville Pencil Factory, which is on the brink of bankruptcy. Amidst all of the town’s turmoil and the possibility of the couple losing their jobs, they find out they are both unable to conceive a child. During a night of drinking, they discuss and conjure up their ideal child by writing what qualities they want the child to possess and putting everything into box that they decide to bury in the garden. Mysteriously throughout the night, there is a big storm and the couple finds an unknown 10 year old boy named Timothy (CJ Adams) that is covered in dirt and a huge hole in the garden. Is there a connection between the Timothy and the box they buried? You are going to have to watch the movie to find out.

I thought this was an interesting premise for a movie, but I was not sure how it would pan out. I admit it was a heartwarming tale and some parts of the movie almost brought a tear to my eye. However, I did not think it was a movie suitable for the whole family because it had a lot of sad and sappy moments. This movie would appeal more to older audiences than younger kids. There were some cheesy elements to the movie and it was fairly predictable, but it was not all bad. As magical, but very unrealistic, as this movie was, I do not think little kids would understand it or relate to it as much as adults would.

My favorite character was Timothy and he was the true star of the movie. CJ Adams did an excellent job of playing him and making him as believable as he could. Timothy made Cindy and Jim better people and he helped bring out their true potential. The dialogue was pretty good and the picture quality was a lot better than I had expected. I also liked all the bonus content and extras they included with this movie.

This movie was a tearjerker, but not in any way realistic. It is worth a watch if you want to see the impossible tale of the ideal, not perfect, kid and the effect he has on people around him. Otherwise, you just will not get it and this movie is a skip or a rental at its best. However, older generations and those with big hearts, and the time, to watch “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” will surely enjoy it. I am torn and for those reason, I am giving this movie a “C.” 


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