>> The People Speak (Extended Edition) (2010)

Title: The People Speak

Edition: Extended Edition

Genre: Documentary

Starring: Howard Zinn, Matt Damon, Viggo Mortensen, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover

Director: Howard Zinn

Studio: A&E Home Video

Runtime: 150 minutes

Release Date: February 9, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

MPAA Rating: NR

Rating: 3.84 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A-

Bonus Features

Behind The Scenes At The Cutler Majestic Theatre, Celebrity Interviews (a few minutes long with a bunch of the celebrities basically saying they were thrilled to take part)

History, straight forward, no sugar coating, from the words of those that lived it. That is what you get. Howard Zinn takes the stage as a narrator of sorts, walking you through history and many of the events that took place. He discusses things like slavery, war, voting, women’s rights, Native Americans, workers rights, the start of unions, The Great Depression, AIDS, abortion, and much much more. With each topic you will hear the words of Susan B. Anthony, Fredrick Douglas, Malcolm X, Sojourner Truth, Mark Twain, Muhammad Ali, Cesar Chavez, Chief Joseph, and many others. All of these are read by actors, musicians, and others giving the letters, transcripts, and documents a new life.

It is an amazing journey to take. It is emotional, intelligent, and leaves you wanting more. I found that even in the worst of times people still often had a sense of humor, making you laugh as you feel their pain and frustrations. Along with hearing readings there are photos, drawings, and video footage to accompany the information painting an even better picture of the past. There are even a few music acts from John Legend, Allison Moorer, Bob Dylan, P!nk, Chris & Rich Robinson, Eddie Vedder, and Bruce Springsteen.

This is a brilliant release and the only thing I can think to say in a negative way is that I didn’t want it to end. I wanted more information, I wanted more topics covered, I wanted it to go even further indepth; but I understand the limitations of time for both the stage verision and for DVD.

I know that there are critics of Howard Zinn's out there that say he picks and choices what he wants to prove a point. Yes that is true; but so did our history books, the left things out and painted a much rosier picture of our history. At least now I have both sides of it and can put things together as I choose.

DVD was released in 2009, this verision has 20 extra minutes added.

Here is a list of some that do the readings:
Matt Damon
Samuel Dewees
Josh Brolin
Viggo Mortensen
Darryl “DMC” McDaniels
John Legend
Benjamin Bratt
Morgan Freeman
David Strathaim
Harris Yulin
Danny Glover
Jasmine Guy
Kerry Washington
Michael Ealy
Lupe Fiasco
Rosario Dawson
Christina Kirk
Marisa Tomei
Kathleen Chalfant
Martin Espada
Reg E Cathey
Q’orianka Kilcher
Don Cheadle
Staceyann Chin
Sandra Oh
Sean Penn


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