>> The Witches of Oz (BLU-RAY) (2012)

Title: The Witches of Oz

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Starring: Paulie Rojas, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin, Ethan Embry, Mia Sara

Director: Leigh Scott


Runtime: 164 minutes

Release Date: April 10, 2012

Format: BLU-RAY

Discs: 1

Rating: 1.43 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D+

Bonus Features

Behind the Scenes Featurette, Trailer

A long time ago when magic was being used for evil the last remaining wizard took all the magic in the world and put it all in one word. That word was than put in a book and magically locked so that no one could use such powerful magic for evil deeds. Because of that wizard the land of Oz was made and so began the adventure of Dorothy Gale from Kansas. When the evil witch was able to get the book of magic, young Dorothy took the key from the land of Oz back to Kansas where it would be safe. Now an adult Dorothy (played by Paulie Rojas) has no memory of her time in the land of Oz with the Wizard (played by Christopher Lloyd) nor the memory of the key that would unleash unimaginable magic. For Dorothy Oz is only an imaginary place that she has created in the books she writes for children but when events start to happen that pushes the boundaries of reality Dorothy will have to believe that Oz and magic really does exist.

Here’s a movie with a decent idea for a plot, taking Dorothy Gale, let her become an adult, and then place her in New York many years after she had visited Oz. Of course there’s more put in there to add to it like bringing along the characters of Oz, Scarcrow (played by Ari Zigaris) and the Cowardly Lion (played by Barry Ratcliffe) to New York and making them not remember who they were and even having the witches there as well. Though having a good outline for a plot with ideas that would make for a interesting story does not always make for a interesting movie.

The Witches of Oz turned out to be a dreadfully boring movie to watch. Which when having to watch 2 hours and 44 minutes of a boring progression of the plot, poor acting by actors that most seem to be doing it either out of the need for money or possibly they owed a big debt to someone, and special effects that look like a bad computer game from the mid 90’s. It took nearly 2 hours before there was any real progression of the story but by that point I had already given up on liking this. After an hour of character development and the building of the story what came next was another nearly 40 minutes of more character bulding on the same characters. This might have been fine if the characters where interesting but they’re not. Dorothy is played as this girl of comes across as a stupid annoying girl instead of this girl who has forgotten that’s she’s powerful. The supporting characters are even worse, poor Sean Austins character as Frack came across as him trying way too hard to be funny, even with the suppose of Ethan Embry as Frick didn’t help make these characters funny. Add in that because they were small and had to be green screened into the scenes that any time they where on screen just looked painful cause the other actors had to react to people that wasn’t even there and considering how bad they act with people that are there, Frick and Frack was just painful to watch.

I think I could have gotten a little more enjoyment out of The Witches of Oz if not for the special effects. Having to look at such horrible graphics that looked no more real than a drawing in the Sunday comic strips as well as looking just as flat. This would have turned out so much differently if it had been character driven where more was explained about the book of the one magic word that can create and destroy lands instead of being about some evil witch going after the book. But it didn’t do this, it went with having the bad make up cover evil witch using magic in real world New York making The Witches of Oz look horrible and giving it a boring drawn out plot.

This is one of the times that a movie should not be shown on Blu Ray. Because of the clear picture quality that this Blu Ray has I was able to see every little flaw and low budget use of special effects and make in all it’s poor glory. Watching this on Blu Ray allowed me to see that the make up on the evil Witch looked like dryed clay on her face instead of her having bad skin. It also shows how flat the special effects are and how they don’t even look like they are happening. Which normally having this quality would be good because the picture is quite sharp with some very vibrant colors but it does bring out the low grade effects and make up used.


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