>> What's Your Number? (BLU-RAY) (2012)

Title: What's Your Number?

Edition: Extended Edition

Genre: Comedy, Romantic

Starring: Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Ari Graynor, Blythe Danner

Director: Mark Mylod

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Runtime: 106 minutes

Release Date: January 10, 2012

Format: BLU-RAY

Discs: 2

MPAA Rating: R

Rating: 1.85 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C-

Bonus Features

Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, Theater Edition, Extended Edition

Finding that special person in your life is something that Ally Darling (played by Anna Faris) has not been able to do. All around her she sees her friends in relationships and now her sister Daisy (played by Ari Graynor) is getting married to her old high school sweetheart. After reading an article that tells her the average number of men that women sleep with is much lower than the number she has slept with, Ally decides that she can no longer sleep with another man until she is married. Coming up with the idea that if she finds one of her ex-boyfriends that she has already slept with than she will be fine. Her plan might sound good on paper but finding her previous lovers turns out to be too big of a task for her to undertake alone. Enlisting the help of her neighbor Colin Shea (played by Chris Evans) who is the son of a cop, the two start hunting down all of Ally’s exs. The two go on a wild chase as they meet up with her past lovers to find out that there was always a reason for them being an ex.

Ally might be looking for her one true love but I’m still looking for what was supposed to be different about this movie from all the other many movies with this type of plot. It’s such a easy plot though, main character, in this case it’s the female lead role Ally, who just can’t find that right person that she will love for the rest of her life while all around her people to be in love and happily married. While doing something, that something always varies but is usually something that involves the supporting character, in this movie it’s Colin, who will be the one that starts off as someone with no chance at all with her but by the end they are happily in love. Yep, it’s one of those movies, which is not all bad but nothing new either.

What’s You Number has one thing going for it, the two actors. Both Anna Faris and Chris Evans have already done similar roles where they do the comedy with a hint of seriousness to them. They’re not the best at it, but they’re not that bad either. This movie has done what most movies that feature Anna Faris has done, made her character this semi ditzy girl who seems to get herself stuck in ridiculous situations or does something stupid that puts her in one. It works a little for this character, though I think the movie would have been a little better if she wasn’t doing so much of the stupid acts that got her into the situations. Oh, I know it’s what makes the movie funny but it also made the movie have very little substance.

The pacing on this movie was very quick and didn’t give much to the meat of the plot when Ally was meeting the exs. Every time Ally would meet one of her exs it started and ended so fast that it didn’t even seem like she had done anything. There’s only one ex that she keeps meeting that turns out to be some of the funniest moments of the whole movie but there’s too few of times it happens. For the rest of the exs, the scenes last a few minutes, if that, and are over. The majority of the plot involves showing Ally and Colin forming a friendship and then relationship with a side story of her still looking for her exs. What’s Your Number wasn’t that funny, there’s moments that I did find myself laughing, but it wasn’t much, at times some of the supporting cast who only appear on screen a few times end up being funnier than Anna Faris and Chris Evans. Still, What’s Your Number uses the formula of the friends first that fall in love without even knowing it’s happening well enough that the movie didn’t end up being too bad and it did make me laugh a few times, so with that I can say it’s good enough to watch, on a day when nothing else is on.

What’s Your Number on Blu Ray looks more like What’s Your Number on DVD that’s being used on up converter. It’s picture quality only looks good when it’s brightly light and in the day. Rest of the time there’s specks of noise and grain all over the picture, especially during the dark scenes. Though the grain is not prominent where it’s taking over the whole picture throughout the whole movie, it’s still there, and it can be seen. There’s on aspect about this Blu Ray that makes it good, the fact that it comes with the option to watch theater version or extended unrated version, though I never got why they would be theater version on there, who watches that when you get the extended version? But this Blu Ray makes up for it’s few faults in the picture quality (ok not really the quaitly is still not that great for a Blu Ray) but it did make me laugh, the gag reel bonus feature. Just having an actual bonus feature that’s not commentary or the trailer now makes me happy and this has the gag reel and deleted scenes, nice bonus.


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