>> Avatar (2009)

Title: Avatar

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Sigourney Weaver

Director: James Cameron

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Runtime: 162 minutes

In Theatres: December 18, 2009

MPAA Rating: R

Rating: 4.30 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A

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Michael Biehn was considered for the role of Col. Quaritch. He met with James Cameron three times and saw some of the 3D footage, but in the end it simply came down to the fact that Cameron didn't want people thinking it was Aliens (1986) all over again, as Sigourney Weaver had already been cast.

James Cameron, the man behind such masterpieces as Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic, had an idea in 1994. This idea would involve computer generated actors and would cost somewhere in the range of $100 million to make. This idea was Avatar.

Set on the fictional world of Pandora in the year 2154, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) has been selected to participate in the Avatar program after his brother was killed in action. The goal of the program is to communicate and form a relationship with the indigenous life forms called the Na’vi. Earth is deteriorating and the human race has come to Pandora in hopes of setting up a colony. The planet is a dangerous place though, where everything will try and kill you.

While in his Avatar, Jake experiences a world like no other. After getting carried away exploring, he becomes surrounded by dangerous Viperwolfs when spending the night deep within the forest. When all seems lost, he is saved by a female Na’vi named Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña). Despite being an avatar hybrid, Jake becomes engulfed into the Na’vi culture and develops a relationship with Neytiri. Constantly switching between human and avatar, Jake must decide which life is reality as things heat up between humans and Na’vi.

Before we get to the film itself, we need to talk about the effects. Cameron had developed a Fusion Camera System for shooting in digital 3D. For Avatar, he used a modified version of this system to create visuals like no other. But is it substantially different from what we’ve seen in previous 3D films?

Avatar looks fantastic, period. Whether you want to attribute that to the spectacular 3D effects or just the computer generated graphics is up to you. When the film begins, it does take some time before you become adjusted to the 3D. It does look different than what’s been done before. Images are crisper and everything pops, not just the characters on screen. As the film goes on, you become engulfed in the world and culture of Pandora, almost like it was a reality.

Aside from the 3D, it’s the Na’vi culture that creates the image that what you’re watching is real. Cameron and the rest of the team have gone to great lengths to develop an entire history for Pandora. The Na’vi have their own language and traditions. You can actually go to the store and buy a book that will detail Pandora down to every plant and animal. It’ll even tell you stuff that doesn’t get discussed in the film, that’s how detailed it is.

Performance-wise, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña deliver. The fact is half the time you’re looking at 9 foot tall blue creatures with tails; it doesn’t really cross you’re mind at all. This is especially well done with Saldaña as she doesn’t have a human counterpart. The Na’vi emotions and facial expressions are spot on as well. Sigourney Weaver, who plays botanist Dr. Grace Augustine, practically looks the same in her avatar form. Throw in some supporting appearances from Joel David Moore and Michelle Rodriguez and you are set.

Cameron has a lot to live up to after Titanic, the biggest blockbuster in film history. Avatar delivers but I doubt it will be anywhere close to those figures. The three hour length might be off-putting for some but it doesn’t drag on one bit. Avatar is definitely the must-see movie this holiday season though, and if you have the chance, watch it in 3D. It’s worth the few extra bucks. 


Avatar is extraordinary and a must see

You have never seen anything like this; it is a totally new experience for your senses. From the time the movie starts to its finish almost 3 hours later you are engulfed in another world. Even though the world is alien everything is fashioned with such incredible realism. The landscape is breathtaking and imaginative and you envision yourself on another planet watching real creatures.
The movie switches between what we would conceive as the real world and that of the Avatar. It takes place over a three month period where the main character Jake Scully is sent to learn the ways of the native people so that they will trust him, and for him to gather intel for the military. I won’t go into more detail so as not to spoil the movie for you, but I will say that you have to see this movie.


I was dissapointed with the 3D, mind you I was ruined as a kid when Captain Eo came out, but even the film Beowolf incorporated  a higher true 3D effect then what went on here. It helped in some part sof the film but overall it was not used as a novelty but rather a detail enhancer for the world of Pandora which should be somehow hinted at before you see the film.

As far as the story goes I had the this nagging feeling that Cameron took the best parts of the film from the 1990 Award Winning film Dances With Wolves, but with more action. Mind you the alien world is a beautiful one and every frame gives you something new and jaw dropping to experience but the plot of the film runs very close to that of Dances With Wolves. My wife and I had differing opinions on the film.

In short I walked out of the film thinking that George Lucas is an idiot. This film was everything that the recent Star Wars films should have been; no soap opera moments, no purposefully bad dialogue, no stupid animated characters that everyone hated yet were found in almost all three films (well you know what I mean). Sure it wasn't the best film I've ever seen but the ingenious way the Na'Vi are portrayed and the perfect meshing of emotions and facial expressions in each is drawing. It just pulls you out of the theater and drops you in the film. My wife however said she felt as if she were being preached to which I can't deny her that. I never knew Cameron was such a tree hugger but all in all I don't feel as if I wasted my time. I would love to see a sequel come out of this.



I heard nothing but bad reviews of the film even before it was released. I thought the movie was excellent...take a pillow to sit on though bc it is long but not at all boring. I definitely felt like I had gone on an adventure with the characters. The 3 D effects were good but it was hard to truly gauge how good or bad because I was seated in the 8 or 9th row. I think the farther back you are the better the 3D effects appear.


The movie was good. but at times it had a lot of what i call nothing. a lots of stuff that could have been cut.
but overall raiting. it was a prety good movie.

Another great addition to my favorite Sci-Fi movies

Avatar is a very detailed, well made movie. The visuals and the makeup is A plus and I don't have words to describe the set design. IMAX and 3D presentation made it even better! Would love to watch it again!

Avatar a must see film

You must enjoy this movie in 3D to get it's true beauty. Well made and the plot was provoking. Excellent film!

Awesome special effects


I just came back from seeing Avatar in 3D IMAX. The special effects and 3D were great! I must say the story was lacking real substance. I did enjoy the movie but felt of the movie. I do nothing the movie would have been as good in 2D for sure.


I LOVED this movie...and I did not see it in 3D! If you are into sc-fi or just plainlove the movies, this is a MUST See.....looking forward to seeing it iagin in 3D and imax!


this was incredible imax 3D movie. yet I will agree it was long but it still keeps your attention. This is one i would suggest to see in the imax theater it is worth the extra cost.

not much for Sci-fi

I am not much for Sci-fi, but I enjoyed this one. I enjoyed the graphics and the hollywood magic of this one the most

Great movie

This was a great movie and the colors and characters were awesome! The only down side it is very, very long! Be ready for your butt to be numb from sitting(haha).

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