>> Shutter Island (2010)

Title: Shutter Island

Genre: Horror, Suspense

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Kingsley, Mark Ruffalo, Michelle Williams, Patricia Clarkson, Emily Mortimer, Ted Levine, Elias Koteas, John Carroll Lynch

Director: Martin Scorsese

Studio: Phoenix Pictures

Runtime: 138

In Theatres: February 19, 2010

MPAA Rating: R

Rating: 1.20 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D

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Martin Scorsese has delivered some excellent films in his time but unfortunately, this isn't one of them.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a U.S. Marshal sent to investigate an incident that occurred on Shutter Island, a remote island home to Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane. A patient has mysteriously disappeared from her room with no signs of escape, and that is only the beginning of the strange happenings on the island. It's up to Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) and his new partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) to get to the bottom of things and solve this mystery.

Based on the 2003 novel by the same name, Shutter Island is a psychological thriller meant to surprise, frighten, and confuse you. Unfortunately, it only manages to do one of those and no, it's neither of the first two. The film is comprised of two parts; the time spent unraveling the mystery on the island and random flashbacks from Daniels' past. These two are spliced together in no apparent order, especially towards the beginning. Things start to make some sense by the end but the majority of it was unnecessary.

Music plays an important role in the film and the creators make sure you're aware of it. It makes simple things such as walking appear much more epic than they really are. More than an annoyance than anything, the music sometimes spoils what would otherwise be tense moments with its loud overtones. Perhaps they needed to keep the audience awake for the entire film.

For the thriller it's claiming to be, Shutter Island is actually quite boring. As first, you're interested in what's going on in and around the hospital but things don't really go anywhere. Watching DiCaprio run around an island searching for clues isn't as fun as it sounds. In fact, it doesn't really sound fun at all. Not only till the end of the film do things fall in place and even then, you can guess what's going to happen within the first twenty minutes.

We've been seeing trailers for the film for the longest time now since it was pushed back from October of last year. Whether it's the constant pushing of it or the terrible direction it takes, Shutter Island doesn't deliver. Martin Scorsese has delivered some excellent films in his time but unfortunately, this isn't one of them. 



Man, I loved this movie. Wasn't a great Scorsese movie, but if it was done by any other director, it would have been lost in translation.

Shutter Island

This movie doesn't get interesting until the latter half. It left me with unanswer questions. I feel like the movie is incomplete. Overall, it's nothing great.

very weird

I thought this was a good movie but it was very weird. If you thought about his illusions it made a little more sense but it almost freaked you out

You have to make yourself watch it.

Let me start of by saying, my friend fell asleep during the beginning of the movie, and I wanted to leave. I am glad I didn't have to pay fro the ticket, else I would have been upset. Not worth more than $1 to see. Do you remember how extremely long the Titanic was with some extremely boring scenes was? Who was the star? Guess what, the same for "Shutter Island." Very long with extremely boring scenes acted out by DiCaprio. Just because it has big names, does not mean you need to see it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good thriller, mystery, or something that makes you think, but that does not happen in Shutter Island till way over half-way in the movie. They spend most of the movie building the storyline, and filling in subtle details. The acting is decent for the most part, but this is no Alfred Hitchcock, or M. Night Shamalayn movie here. Just wait till it comes to the discount theatre, HBO, or rent it at Redbox. Don't wait the $10 to see it at a theatre. Not even the matinee or student discount is good enough. The only reason why they racked in so much money on the first weekend was because they hyped it up. Wait till week 2.

a disappointment..

I was looking for so much more in this movie. I was completely surprised about what the story actually turned out to be. I found the movie long, I was looking at my watch wondering when this would end. When we got to then it was a big let down for me.

Not that bad

I went to see this last night and it is not as bad as I thought it would be. The only thing is, you can figure it out pretty fast as to how the movie is going to end and what the twist is. I would give it a C+.

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