>> The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Title: The Adjustment Bureau

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, John Slattery, Anthony Mackie, Terence Stamp

Director: George Nolfi

Studio: Universal Pictures

Runtime: 124 minutes

In Theatres: March 4, 2011

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Rating: 3.87 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A-

Official Site

What if everything in your life was already planned out and nothing you did was by choice? What if those five seconds you took to bend down and tie your shoe was just a small part of a bigger picture? What if you could alter your predetermined destiny?

David Norris (Matt Damon) is running for New York State Senate. While rehearsing his speech after losing a close race, he runs into a dancer named Elise (Emily Blunt) and the two instantly connect. As a result, he gives one of the best speeches of his life. Unfortunately, that was the only time he was supposed to see her. Fate had other plans for him though.

You see, sent to intervene are mysterious men known only as agents from the Adjustment Bureau. Their purpose is to keep each and every person in the world on his or her correct path which is handed down to them from someone known only as “the chairman.” To make traveling easier, they have the ability to use doors as somewhat of a teleportation device. Each door has an alternate destination that only they can use, making travel across great distances all the more swift.

Through a series of mishaps though, David ends up getting together with Elise on multiple occasions. This makes the agents work harder to try and put both David and Elise on their correct paths. Can love and determination overcome what has already been decided? That’s what The Adjustment Bureau attempts to find out.

If you’re a fan of films like Inception then The Adjustment Bureau is right up your alley. It seamlessly blends the real world with the fantasy world to create an experience like no other. You can’t help but want to learn more about the inner workings of the Adjustment Bureau. 

Helping David along the way is Harry Mitchell (Anthony Mackie), an agent acting sort of like a guardian angel in some aspects. There’s always this sense of calm and compassion that Mackie portrays. The majority of the information on the bureau comes from him as well, including specifically how the doors work. Admittedly, the whole hat concept behind the doors is somewhat ridiculous but you can’t win them all I suppose.

While the film may not be quite as mind-blowing as Inception, it will have you coming back multiple viewings. The whole theme of predestination and fate are handled well, and the acting is top notch. The Adjustment Bureau is creative, thrilling, thought provoking, and action packed; everything you’d want a film to be.

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