>> The Woman in Black (2012)

Title: The Woman In Black

Genre: Horror

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer, Liz White, Sophie Stuckey, Alisa Khasanova

Director: James Watkins

Studio: CBS Films

Runtime: 95 minutes

In Theatres: February 3, 2012

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Rating: 2.87 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B-

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Did you know?

The boy who plays Daniel Radcliffe's son is his real godson, a casting idea made by Radcliffe himself served to help him establish an authentic relationship between father and son.

Audiences have grown up with Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, but with the franchise coming to a close after 10 years, it’s time for him to move on. His first post-Potter project is The Woman in Black, a horror-thriller based upon the novel by the same name. Can Radcliffe shed his Potter persona or is he destined to always been known as the magical wizard?

Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) is a young lawyer who is simply trying to make ends meet and provide for his son, especially since his wife is no longer with them. His current job places him at the creepy old mansion of Alice Drablow who recent passed away and left hundreds of papers that need to be sorted and filed. Upon arriving to the small town, Arthur soon realizes that something strange is going on and that he is not welcomed there. These strange happenings are mysteriously linked to a woman shrouded in black who Arthur keeps seeing.

There are plenty of jump out of your seat moments, and if the woman in black doesn’t frighten you, then the antique children’s toys will. Creepy clowns, noise making animals, and wind-up toys that resemble things you had nightmares of will make you question what kind of child would actually play with them. They are by far the scariest thing about the film.

The Woman in Black capitalizes on its dreary and antique settings. The mansion creaks, and candles cast flickering shadows that play tricks on audience’s minds. This is one of those houses that just screams ‘haunting.’ The woman in black also likes to appear at the most random times; eliminating any sense of security someone might feel. The score of the film can give it away, though, as it usually drops to a dead silence before anything scary pops up in order to maximize the impact. It’s these typical tricks of horror films that make The Woman in Black creepy, but fail to push it to the next level of scary.

The formulaic approach of the story and its scares are all too familiar for horror fans. It’s not too difficult to discern what’s going to happen. That being said, The Woman in Black is still quite entertaining. Radcliffe manages to put on a convincing performance that brings out his character and provides a reason to keep watching.  While not the best horror movie out there, there are some frights to be had from watching The Woman in Black.

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The Woman In Black

We saw it today and, I wanted to like it, but there just wasn't a story to be had. The director does a good job keeping Radcliffe from spouting to much dialogue. The kid simply cannot act. The film uses the same old, same old scare tactic that becomes grating and tiresome, at least it did for me, but what it all came down to for me was that the film had no point, no story. I felt like I was watching a 3D film, being that 3D films are less about story and more about creating the opportunity to create 3D moments. The Woman In Black does the same thing for the sake of setting up long drawn out scary moments that fall flat if you've seen enough horror films. The film does have a fantastic aesthetics but other then that, like Matt says, the creepiest thing about the film are the dolls. Keep that weird looking clown away from me.

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