>> Billy The Exterminator: Season 4 (2012)

Show: Billy the Exterminatore

Season/Volume: 4

Genre: Reality

Starring: Billy Bretherton, Ricky, Donnie, Bill Sr.

Studio: A&E Home Video

Runtime: 256 minutes

Release Date: April 24, 2012

Format: DVD

Discs: 2

Rating: 2.78 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C+

Bugs, squirrels, snakes, gators, you name it and he’ll get it, or someone in his crew will. Now in his fourth season, Billy goes out on the search for better critters that will give him a run for his money. Not even a 10 foot gator will have Billy and team wavering when they go after it with a rope. Though having to chase after a javelina out in Arizona, Billy gets a major work out trying wrangle these animals. With the help of his brother Ricky out in the field, his mom Donnie in the office telling him where he needs to go, and his dad Bill Sr. being the back up to Donnie, Billy the Exterminator ends up running one of the busiest pest removal companies, Vexcon.

Billy the Exterminator is not like the majority of reality shows on television for a few reasons. One is that the show has a cast of characters, I mean real people that are characters. Bill and his brother Ricky are some wild looking guys who both have this extreme attitude where they always seem on full throttle. Second reason this show stands out from the rest is the subject matter, it’s not pretty nor is it some stupid competition. You can guess by the name, Billy the Exterminator, that the show is going to have some animals and other critters that need to be exterminated, which there are some wild animals on this show. There’s no dancing (well not in the conventional sense cause there was a moment with an unbrella and a goose), no women who are more worried about what they look like and buying then having real content, and there’s no singing (unless you count the sounds coming from the animals). Thirdly and the reason that this show works is that it’s only a half hour long.

Not being a big reality show viewer and never have seen this show before, I figured that Billy the Exterminator was going to be the same as the rest. That would be a show set up for an hour long that has enough content to be about a 22 minute long show by having that content stretched out with a lot of useless shots and showing the same things over again. I can’t say that Billy the Exterminator didn’t do this but with it being only a half hour long, the show actually had 22 minutes worth of footage without that needless tension building expansion. It’s one reason why I can’t stand reality shows, where one scene is built up to have drama and making the viewer feel that something major is going to happen, go to break, come back to repeat what it just showed and said 5 minutes earlier, to show a scene that’s not as big as it was made out to be. Billy the Exterminator has this in there, of course it has to because it does work when done right, and it’s done nicely in this show.

Each episode moves along at a quick pace, I didn’t get bored or distracted while watching it, and by the time I had watched 4 hours of it I realized that I had actually paid attention. The subject matter is not that thought provoking, it’s basically just a show to sit down to watch to let the days tension go away while thinking that these guys are insane and how lucky you really are by not having to get attacked by geese or squirrels. Most of the shows material was different with each episode, even when they where hunting some of the same type of animal it wasn’t being done in the same manner so I was given something different to watch even when it was the same. Watching this was actually somewhat funny and entertaining, which is all because the cast on this show make it funny. However, the most suprising aspect of this DVD was how good the quality of the picture looked. I’ve seen Blu Rays that look a whole lot worse than this did. It’s not on the level of a good Blu Ray but for a DVD it does rank in the high standards for DVD’s. Even the audio levels where a good level that when I played a few episodes on my laptop I was still able to hear what was being said. Billy the Exterminator started off looking like a show I was going to dislike but by the middle of the first episode the show hooked me into watching, by the end I releaized that I had enjoyed it.


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