>> Conan the Adventurer: Season 2, Part 1 (2011)

Show: Conan the Adventurer

Season/Volume: "Season 2, Part 1"

Genre: Action/Adventure, Anime, Kids

Starring: Michael Donovan, Janyse Jaud

Studio: Shout! Factory

Runtime: 300 minutes

Release Date: November 22, 2011

Format: DVD

Discs: 2

Rating: 2.87 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B-

Conan continues his battle against Wrath-Amon the evil serpent-man wizard and his army of shape shifting serpent-men. Wrath-Amon continues to seek the star metal that fell to the Earth that open up portals that will send his henchmen of serpent-men to the abyss. Conan will not allow Wrath-Amon to enslave the human race or get the weapons forged of star metal that his father made. Though the quest to stop the evil wizard and his many henchmen, Conan will not stop and with the help of warrior friends like Jezmine and Greywolf, Conan has a strong chance of stopping Wrath-Amon.

Yes, the adventure made it for a second season in Conan The Adventurer cartoon and it’s just as corny as season 1 was. Though there are different characters that appear in this season that help or fight Conan, there are also the original characters like Jezmine (voiced by Janyse Jaud) and Greywolf (voiced by Scott McNeil) who help Conan. Stories consist pretty much of the same as season 1 as well as being the same in every episode, Wrath-Amon being the central villain who is hardly ever seen (except in the opening theme each time) tries to get the star metal and Conan stops him, while along the way Conan finds other villains that he has to fight and when it looks bleak Conan and his friends win the day.

Is this cartoon educational? No, unless you want to try to learn fake words that sound funny as the wizards conjure up spells. Are you going to get thought provoking stories in the episodes? Again, no, just episodes that have Conan fighting lizard men, wizards, spirits, and other evil characters as they try to get the rare star metal. Will you laugh and have fun watching Conan the Adventurer? Yes you will, at least I did anyways. This cartoon is funny on many levels, like the voices being used. Conan’s voice has that raspy gravel voice that just makes everything seem like it’s some dire situation, I would bet if they had his character say my nose has an itch it would sound as if it was the most evil and dreadful itch in the world.

I can’t leave out how funny it is that this star metal that has been forged into weapons that can be rusted, dented, or dulled never actually touches the skin of any of the villains. Here Conan has this huge sword, Jezmine has her throwing stars, and yet when they fight the serpent-men all they do is create a vortex that will send them to the abyss. When Jezmine throws her stars they just circle around the serpent-men as a portal is open that sucks the serpent-men up in it (though it looks like they turn to liquid when they get sucked up). But the metal never touches the serpent-men, which I guess being that it came out in 1992 that was the way to do it but as an adult watching this, it’s just funny. It’s also funny how every male character is this huge muscle guy that is ready to go into battle while the females are all model like. I know they are trying to make it look appealing but having a few normal sized people in it would have been fine as well.

What hurts this cartoon and made it hard to stay interested in it while watching episodes back to back, is that there is no real change in the plots. As I said, Conan has to fight a new villain that has either magic powers or is really strong, he about loses, but with his friends help he wins out. Watching it once a week or even maybe once a day would be fine, it would have made the show a little less boring, but because nothing really changes, the plots keep the same theme, I just got bored pretty quickly watching. I can’t say much about the artwork either. At times I was able to see flaws like fading parts of the characters, blurry movement, and just rough edges and dull coloring. However, the majority of the time the cartoon looks decent enough and I do like how it is actual drawings instead of being computer generated characters.  


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