>> Delocated (2012)

Show: Delocated

Season/Volume: 1

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Jacob Kogan, Eugene Mirman, Jerry Minor, Jon Glaser

Studio: Cartoon Network

Runtime: 347 minutes

Release Date: January 17, 2012

Format: DVD

Discs: 2

Notes: This DVD has both seasons 1 and 2 on it.

Rating: 1.84 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C-

Bonus Features

Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Flip Books, Demo, and Commentary

After testifying against a Russian mafia family, Jon (played by Jon Glaser), his wife Susan (played by Nadia Dajani) and son David (played by Jacob Kogan) gets moved to New York City for the witness protection program. For Jon it’s going to the time of his life, he has his wife, his son, gets to live in NYC, and it’s all on the governments dime. To make his witness protection better, Jon has a reality show follow him around as they make a show about Jon’s new life in witness protection in NYC. Though once Jon gets to NYC his world starts to fall apart bit by bit with the luxury apartment he was promised turns out to be a studio apartment, his wife leaves him, his son rebels against him by wanting to become a woman, and he has Russian assassins trying to kill him.

I’d seen Delocated a few times when it had aired on Adult Swim and though it was ok, nothing great, but it made me chuckle some. It’s a different kind of show for sure, though for a show that’s aired on Adult Swim it’s pretty typical. The humor in it is crude, raunchy, and off the wall where at times it’s a little shocking then other times I’m more embarrassed for the character than I am laughing over it. Jon, the main character on the show is supposed to be this jerk, which he is, though some of the situations he’s put into tends to help him be the jerk.

The show first started off being 11 minutes long than went to being 22 minutes long, though I liked the shorter episodes better than the longer. It felt like the shows where trying to fill in the extra time and because of that the show started to drag on. With some of the 22 minute episodes I started to get bored with the show, the humor was starting to repeat itself, and it just wasn’t as interesting. Having the plot of the Russian guy trying to kill Jon seemed to be dropped with some of the episodes, why, don’t know considering that was one of the funnier moments of the show. I was also getting a little fed up with the way the jokes where going between Jon’s girlfriend Kim (played by Zoe Lister-Jones) of him being a jerk and her putting up with it.

Watching all 19 episodes back to back didn’t make me like the show that much. If I had watched it with one or two episodes per night or week I might have liked it a little more. At least it might have seemed like the plots and the jokes where changing up some but watching the first 2 seasons in one sitting had me bored with it before it ended. Though I got to say this was definitely a different take on reality shows and that’s what it has going for it, though at times it does have some zany humor, like with the stool backpack, stupid but funny. At times though the voice of Jon got annoying to me, with that whole modulated sound, it was funny at first but not for the whole time. Delocated is ok, nothing that great, as I said it has it’s moments, and if I were a teenager I probably would have found this hilarious, but as an adult, the random actions that happen in the episodes, the humor that was more on the stupid side than the funny side, it just wasn’t that funny to me. The best part about this DVD was the bonus features with the outtakes being somewhat funnier to me than the show itself.


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