>> Dr. Willoughby (2012)

Show: Dr. Willoughby

Season/Volume: 1

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Joanna Lumley, Brian Protheroe, Isobel Middleton, Paula Bacon

Studio: Acorn Media

Runtime: 144 minutes

Release Date: January 3, 2012

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

Rating: 3.95 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A

Official Site

Dr. Willoughby, brilliant surgeon and main character of the (completely fictional) daytime drama of the same name.

Donna Sinclair (Lumley) stars as the incorrigible, manipulative, self-centered diva-actress-doctor who is also brilliantly hilarious at the same time. She finds a way to make every situation about her and dismisses her cast mates' problems aside like yesterday's script. She's clearly in charge on this set and won't let anyone forget it. Funny thing is, that the cast and crew can't seem to make their little drama work if Donna's away ("Speculation"). Codependant? Maybe, but this cast is completely lovable. Even Donna herself, for all of her manipulative back-stabbing (most of which back fires), is a genuinely-sympathetic character that will win over viewers.

"Dr. Willoughby" would not be what it is without its crack-pot team of endearing characters who love and loathe Donna at the same time.

  • Ralph (Protheroe) has been with the show since the beginning and spends most of his time panicking and worrying that his contract won't be renewed. He puts up with Donna's shenanigans; the ultimate yes man who will say just about anything to get in (or stay in) Donna's good graces. Anyone's good graces, actually.
  • Poor Producer/Director Emma (Middleton) hates the show and deperately wants out. She often feels as if she's babysitting a load of children in a nursery, but her superiors just can't seem to find a replacement for her. But does she really want to leave? Her actions contradict her words.
  • Crystal (Bacon) is the newest member of the cast who is still naive enough to take (and believe) the "character credibility" advice from Donna. Poor Crystal, she'll learn quickly enough.
  • Finally, there are two clueless and talentless screen writers who are constantly clamboring over themselves to write the perfect plot line for our dear doctor; none of which are ever any good or plausible. Still they seem to make the show work.

The entire series consists of six-episodes which aired from November 14 - December 13, 1999.
    1. Fan Mail
    2. Young Pretender
    3. Family Wedding
    4. Speculation
    5. Scandal
    6. Awards

Each episode is filled with quick-witted one liners and dead pan humour that may be lost on those not accustomed to British sitcoms. It's well worth devoting your undivided attention. A fun, fantastic comedy from 1999!



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