>> Midsomer Murders: Set 19 (BLU-RAY) (2012)

Show: Midsomer Murders

Season/Volume: Set 19

Genre: Drama

Starring: John Nettles, Jason Hughes

Studio: Acorn Media

Runtime: 400 minutes

Release Date: February 28, 2012

Format: BLU-RAY

Discs: 2

Rating: 2.50 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C+

Official Site

Midsomer Murders is known as “The British rural version of Law & Order” or so it says on the front of the packaging for the latest Blu-ray release. Set 19 features four episodes from series 13 on two discs. They are “The Made-To-Measure Murders,” “The Sword of Guillaume,” “Blood on the Saddle,” and “The Silent Land.” Are they worth your time and money, though?

All four episodes are from the 2009-2010 series so they’re not that old. The quality is top notch. Midsomer Murders is filmed in such a way that is looks like a daytime soap opera with its filmed live feel to it. In other words, there aren’t any flashy filtering effects, making the Blu-ray look all the more realistic.

- Behind the scenes photo gallery for “Blood on the Saddle”

$60 is an extremely high asking price for what amounts to four 100 minute episodes and a bonus photo gallery. As a result, it’s difficult to recommend Midsomer Murders. The show itself is a typical procedural crime drama and is nothing special. The show itself looks great, so if you happen to find Set 19 at a discount, it may be worth picking up.

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Midsomer Murders

I just started watching this show on Amazon Prime. I am watching it from the beginning by season. It may be typical, but I find it special. I have always loved British television. I find the quality of storytelling and acting consistently good. This is not only a drama, but there are scenes to laugh at because they are funny. I have to especially pay attention to the cast of characters, keep up with names or not get distracted doing other things while watching or I will be sure to miss something. You certainly don't want to do that with a mystery, especially a British one where these little hamlets are full of busybodies and coniving families and so-called friends. Thus far, I have gotten through a season and a half, and C.I. Barnaby has had two partners-both funny and smart and handsome, and Barnaby is a good detective. I recommend this show for those who, like me, who grew up reading Agatha Christie and Earle Stanley Gardner thanks to my mother.

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