>> Top Shot: The Gauntlet (2012)

Show: Top Shot: The Gauntlet

Season/Volume: 3

Genre: Reality

Starring: Colby Donaldson

Studio: A&E Home Video

Runtime: 572 minutes

Release Date: April 24, 2012

Format: DVD

Discs: 4

Rating: 3.80 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A-

Official Site

From Contestant to Host

Show host Colby Donaldson has been a contestant on three seasons of Survivor.

After two successful seasons, Top Shot returned to the History Channel for a third season entitled The Gauntlet. Just like it's predecessors, the shot has 16 marksmen compete to be the best through a series of challenges with a variety of weapons.

The main draw for the show is to see all these various weapons in action. From regular pistols and rifles and bows to gatlin guns and cannons and more. I also enjoy the show because it's less like a cutthroat reality game like Survivor and more like a talent contest. The people congratulate each other on good shots, even when it results in their own loss. Well, usually. This third season introduces us to Jake, a guy who is totally there just for himself and carrying around a huge ego that is also easily bruised. A show like Top Shot doesn't need a villain, but this season gets one anyway. The resolution of his tirade is silly, unsatisfying but ultimately the only way it was likely to happen. I won't spoil it - you can Google it if you really need to know, or just watch the show.

Anyway, each episode introduces us to new weapons and new challenges. We get a rundown of the weapon, an expert trains the contestants on how to properly use the weapon, and then they perform a challenge. During the team episodes, the losing team then has to nominate two members to be up for elimination - later, when the teams merge into one, a modified version of the nomination is used. The selected players then train on another weapon and compete in an elimination challenge, and the loser goes home.

Normally, I'm not big into reality shows, especially like Survivor or others where people are mean to each other to win, but this talent and skill competition really drew me in and I devoured the DVD set in just three days.

The DVD set comes with a making of episode, "Behind the Bullet" that gives a look back through the season and a few scenes we didn't get to see, as well as a glimpse into how the challenges are made. There are also complete run downs of all the weapons, more bonus footage and the "Anatomy of a Shot".

If you missed it when it aired on TV and you are a fan of people shooting guns, Top Shot: The Gauntlet is worth picking up.


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