>> Yo Gabba Gabba: Super Spies (2012)

Show: Yo Gabba Gabba

Season/Volume: Super Spies

Genre: Comedy, Family, Kids

Starring: David Crespin, Adam Deibert

Studio: Paramount

Runtime: 96 minutes

Release Date: April 17, 2012

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

Rating: 3.36 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B+

Official Site

Nickelodeon releases Yo Gabba Gabba! Super Spies on DVD featuring four fun filled episodes starring all your favorite Yo Gabba Gabba! characters, plus musical friends and special guests. So join the gang and see them fly into space, face off against an evil spy, uncover a mystery, and learn to accept their differences.

Super Spies was a fun little episode which features the evil spy Bateman (Jason Bateman) who steals the gangs balloons on Balloon Art Day. Can the Yo Gabba Gabba gang get back their balloon art back before the opening of the festival or will the evil spy prove to much of a challenge for them?

Next we have Mystery which finds Toodee and Plex tracking down Foofa through Gabbaland through winding hills and eerie caves. There’s lots to be learned in this episode about not fearing the unknown and learning how fun it can be to solve those pesky little mysteries that life throws at us. We also meet a special friend whose closer to Foofa then Toodee and Plex can ever guess. Special musical guest performance by Ladytron.

Space is another fun filled episode as the Gabbaland gang fly off into space (it looks and feels somewhat like an homage to the Wes Anderson film The Life Aquatic) and visit the Sparkly Planet and meet some new friends. Musical guest here is Electro Cuties.

Finally the DVD ends with Big in which Brobee finds himself a bit upset that he is the smallest of all the Gabbaland gang and wishes to be bigger. Brobee gets his wish when he switches places with DJ Lance and finds out that he was the perfect size before and wants to be again.

As usual Yo Gabba Gabba! Is a fun and entertaining show, even for me, but some of the songs on this disc seemed a bit repetitious, especially in the Mystery episode. It’s a kids show so I’m not expecting the next Grammy Award winning hit, but at the same time I’ve had my socks blown off by the show before when it comes to the music and this DVD just wasn’t delivering that awesomeness I was prepared to find. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy. 

Nick Jr.



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