>> Men of A Certain Age (PREVIEW)

Show: Men Of A Certain Age

Episode(s): Go With The Flow, The New Guy

Genre: Drama

Starring: Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, Andre Baugher

Network: TNT

Airdate/Time: December 28, 2009 10:00pm

Rating: 2.36 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C+

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Halfway through the first season of Men of A Certain Age starring Emmy Award Winner Ray Romano,  Emmy Award Winner Andre Braugher, and Golden Globe Winner Scott Bakula I find myself still loving the show but seeing it becoming somewhat unglued.

The first episode on the disc, Go With The Flow, was genius in structure as Romano’s character Joe attempts to explain to Owen and Terry how he received a black eye while going out on a blind date Terry set him up on. What ensues is hilarious comedic timing involving Joe and one of his coworkers who may have caught him with his pants down, sweet and heartfelt chemistry between Joe and his date, and a well set up narration for the show all together. The episode is just fun and drawing and charming all balled up into one and its what made me fall in love with the show the first time I reviewed it. Unfortunately TNT has not given a date for when this episode will air so keep your eyes peeled you wont be disappointed.

The next episode on the disc is titled The New Guy. I wasn’t wowed by this episode. The strong points of the show are that its funny and despite how far off to the comedic side the show goes the writers keep the overall mood in perspective. Your laughing but most of the time your laughing not because its so much hilarious but because it’s a true statement of laugh and ironically clever. In this episode the show goes for a very serious tone trying to put into perspective the ugliness of divorce, the realization of marriage and mortality, as well as some other very serious issues that I cannot reveal due to them beings serious plot busters. Half the show is spent awkwardly trying to add humor with Joe and his bookie running wild through his apartment complex drunk and messing with security while the other half tip toes around the larger more pressing issues of the episode without ever really hitting on any invest worthy points. It just felt like a throw away episode. There is a very large revelation but that alone cannot hold up this very boring episode.

I said it last time that this show has what it takes to make a long run. It has everything a good show should have; strong acting, relevant writing, great direction, and more then anything its lever enough to be funny without losing the dramatic perspective. You can see the episode The New Guy On December 28th at 10/9c. Enjoy.



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