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Black woman proudly waves the Confederate Flag and claims that ‘slavery was a choice’

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Karen Cooper can be seen proudly waving the Confederate Flag down in Virginia. She believes that the flag represents freedom and says that those who view the flag as a sign of oppression are ignorant. In an interview with NY Daily, Cooper says that the Confederate flag is a symbol of moving away from a bigger government. “I actually think that it represents freedom. It represents a people who stood up to tyranny,” explains Cooper. According to the Washington Post, Cooper is a proud member of the Virginia Flaggers. They are an organization that wants to teach people about the true meaning of the Confederate flag. “I’m not advocating slavery or think that, you know, it was right,” she says. “It wasn’t, and none of my friends think it was. It was just something that happened. It didn’t just happen in the South, it happened worldwide.” Cooper believes that the flag stands for freedom. She feels that the federal government is too controlling. “I can’t smoke what I want to smoke. I can’t drink what I want to drink. If I want to put something into my body, it’s my body, not theirs. That’s tyranny!” She even went as far to say that slavery was a choice. “And I say that because of what Patrick Henry said: ‘Give me liberty, or give me death.’ If we went back to that kind of slavery—no I couldn’t do it. Give me death.”