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Blake Lively files restraining order against fan

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Blake Lively at the Apple Store Grand Central Grand Opening. (NYC)
It was going to happen eventually. The New York Daily News reported the Gossip Girl star filed a restraining order against a stalker fan after he was reportedly spotted on the set of her hit CW show. The 24-year-old also claims that the fan, Sergei Mifle, got in touch with her mother, Elaine, on numerous occasions and told her that he is “deeply concerned” about her daughter. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Mifle says he has a “metaphysical” connection with Lively. In her papers, the actress, who is currently dating her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds, said that she is in fear for both her life and her mother’s. Lively is hardly the first actress to file restraining orders against ensnared fans. Last month, Halle Berry’s stalker, Richard Franco, was sentenced to 368 days in prison after he was caught on her home’s security cameras trespassing into her property three times, and one time successfully getting into her home. Berry also has a ten-year restraining order against Franco. Let’s hope Lively is as successful in getting her own restraining order before something bad happens. Of course, Ryan Reynolds could probably take Mifle out at any time.