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20th Century Fox

The Fabulous Baker Boys

Real-life siblings Beau and Jeff Bridges star as the eponymous Fabulous Baker Boys.... Read more


The film traces the lifelong relationship between playwright Lillian Hellman and Julia, a wealthy girl who turns her back on her upbringing to follow her ideals.... Read more

My Cousin Vinny

When sweet Northern college kid Bill (Ralph Macchio) and his buddy Stan (Mitchell Whitfield) are picked up and thrown into the slammer in a hick Southern town, at first it looks like no big deal.... Read more

Bob's Burgers

“Bob’s Burgers” made its television debut on January 2011 in the time slot between “The Simpson” and “Family Guy,” which were 2 already established animated shows on Fox. This show revolves around Bob (H.... Read more

A Good Day to Die Hard

John McClane (Bruce Willis) heads to Russia in this fifth installment of the Die Hard film series.... Read more


“Shame” follows the life of Brandon Sullivan (Michael Fassbender), who is a successful New Yorker with a good job, a nice condo, and he appears to be a normal guy on the outside, but he is obsessed with sex.... Read more

Runaway Jury

Three people attempt to bend justice for their own purposes in this drama based on the best-selling novel by John Grisham.... Read more

Breakout Kings

Upon watching Breakout Kings, I didn’t know what to expect but I can say that by the time I reached the climatic end, I was thoroughly impressed.  I think it was well casted.... Read more

The Three Stooges

Peter and Bobby Farrelly finally deliver their long-gestating reboot of The Three Stooges with this 20th Century Fox production.... Read more

Grandma's Boy

Can the world's oldest adolescent maintain his cool while living with his grandmother?... Read more