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Reality Entertainment

American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America

Ever since a reported sighting of a giant, hair cover, beast like man in the 50's, America has been searching for Bigfoot.... Read more

Alien Agenda: Project Grey

It's fear that they seek! Dr. Schroder listens to her criminally insane patient as he recounts the story of the murder of his four friends. A story of infidelity, jealousy and revenge takes a strange turn, revealing an alien agenda.... Read more

Nightscape: Dark Reign of Thanatos

If you are willing to be very forgiving, you might enjoy Nightscape: Dark Reign of Thanatos. But if you are like me, the moment the credits announced this was a student film, you won't be very forgiving at all. ... Read more

Ghost Hunt: Paranormal Encounter at Burlington County Prison

 “Ghost Hunt” was a corny movie.  We’ve heard this story before, a group of folks who are curious about the supernatural world get together to investigate places known to be haunted.  For the purpose to provide a definitive yes, this place is haunted or a no, this place is just old and the house ... Read more

Ghost Attack on Sutton Street

Ghost Attack on Sutton Street is the biggest waste of time I've seen in quite a while. UK Paranormal Expert Lee Roberts takes a team of people into the notoriously haunted Old Street Market of Sutton Town in England.... Read more

The Conspiracy to Rule the World: From 9/11 to the Illuminati

This documentary does raise questions and suspicions about the 9/11 attacks. However, even though it shows certain analyses, unfortunately, it heavily relies on comments and opinions, and lacks details and evidences. ... Read more