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The Assassin's Blade

Zhu Yanzhi (Charlene Choi) is the daughter of a wealthy wine merchant (Ti Lung), sent into the mountains disguised as a man to learn martial arts with an elite clan.Once she begins her intense training, Zhu finds herself at odds with her trainer and superior, Liang (Chun Wu).... Read more

Not Suitable for Children

Everybody loves Jonah (Ryan Kwanten) - especially the ladies. He's young, hot, sharing a cool house with his best friends Gus (Ryan Corr) and Stevie (Sarah Snook), and throwing parties that rock AND keep the bills paid.... Read more

Back to 1942

The Henan province disaster was one of the darkest moments in 20th-century Chinese history a humanitarian crisis first sparked by drought, then compounded by a combination of windstorms, government corruption, and a war with Japan.... Read more

Interview with a Hitman

Silent. Relentless. No attachments. This is Viktor s code. The mantra that took him from the slums of Romania to the pinnacle of his profession as a murderer for hire. Viktor knows the value of life more than most, which makes him the perfect killer.... Read more

The Assassins

The year is 198 B.C. and the Han Empire has subdued all threats with their greatest weapon, The King of Wei. After traveling to the East and defeating China’s greatest warrior, Lu Bu, no one dares to confront Cao Cao or the Han Dynasty, which has resided under his protection for years.... Read more

Kill Em' All

Kill Em’ All begins a bit like the original Mortal Kombat film. We find a handful of fighters, each kicking ass and taking names to introduce us to their fighting style and toughness.... Read more

Painted Skin: The Resurrection

Painted Skin: The Resurrection is, if you didn’t know, a sequel. If you live in the films native country or go the internet route, chances are you haven’t seen the original. I have not.... Read more

White Vengeance



BATTLEGROUND:... Read more

Strippers vs Werewolves

Living up to its name, this movie has strippers and werewolves. Strippers vs Werewolves is one of those films that is a terrible and yet could easily be a guilty pleasure cult favorite. It really wants to be a Guy Ritchie film, but it isn't. ... Read more