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Dog the Bounty Hunter Shot At by Bail Jumper

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According to CNN, reality TV star and bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman, claimed a murder suspect shot at him as Chapman was trying to take him into custody on Tuesday night.

The incident occurred in Colorado Springs, Colo., where, according to Colorado Springs Police spokesman Lt. David Whitlock, suspect Hoang Nguyen, was arrested shortly thereafter.

Chapman, who works out of Hawaii, told police that he and another bondsman were trying to arrest Nguyen at a Colorado Springs apartment complex when he fired one shot at Chapman and his team, Whitlock said.

A statement on Chapman's Web page said that Nguyen fled by motorcycle after Nguyen "allegedly fired at least one shot at the Chapmans."

Chapman does not carry lethal weapons and his site said that the team was armed with "pepper ball guns."

Dog the Bounty Hunter, which takes the viewer into the life of Chapman and his family, who is also in the bounty-hunting business, has been shown on the A&E Television Network since 2004.