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President Obama Speaks at 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at the Pentagon

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Earlier this morning, President Barack Obama and other White House staff members commemorated the tragic attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001 with a solemn moment of silence that marked the hour in which a plane hijacked by sadistic terrorists struck the Pentagon. After the moment of silence occurred, President Obama headed to the Pentagon to speak briefly about the tragedies, according to The New York Times.

At the 9/11 commemoration event, Obama spoke to the audience in attendance, saying, "No turning of the seasons can diminish the pain and the loss of that day. This is a time to renew our resolve against those who perpetrated this barbaric act and who plot against us still."

Everyone who attended the Pentagon's outdoor memorial, which marks the location of the terrorist attack with 184 benches that each represent one victim from September 11th, was dressed in black. Other 9/11 remembrance services are scheduled to occur later today, including volunteer service events and a commemoration event at the Washington National Cathedral.

According to The New York Times, over 200 White House Staff members stood alongside President Obama and the First Lady as a bell sounded three somber times during a moment of silence that took place at the exact time that the first hijacked plane struck the World Trade Center.