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By Ryan Sterritt

Jason Reeves "Helium Hearts Tour" September 21st

 On September 21st, Eddie's Attic let in a crowd of native Atlantans. All for a number of reasons: Some came for the great food. Some came for the alcohol and laid-back atmosphere. But everyone shared one reason for entering Eddie's Attic that night: Jason Reeves was taking the stage. 

Jason Reeves is a 26 year old guitarist and song-writer who has been touring the nation since August on his "Helium Hearts Tour" with supporting act Joe Brooks. He may be an unfamiliar name to some of you, but you've heard of Jason Reeves whether you know or not. Reeves has collaborated with artists such as Kara DioGuardi and even co-wrote songs with Colbie Caillat including "Bubbly". 

I had the great pleasure of meeting Reeves before he took the stage that night and we spoke a lot on inspirations and why he actually writes music (Interview is to follow this entry). Jason credits himself as a self-proclaimed Gypsy who just goes where his music takes him, sleeps where he can and spreads his songs to those who will listen. That night in Atlanta, there was an "attic" full of residents ready for a certain gypsy to share his music. And share he did. 

After opening act, Joe Brooks, took the stage, Jason was prepping the stage for his performance. Even though I'd credit his performance as acoustic, an acoustic guitar wasn't the only instrument on stage. Nor was Jason the only performer. Also on the stage was a drummer, a keyboardist and another guitarist. The sound was a little harder than most would consider "acoustic" but still felt as intimate as the other prior acoustic performances of the night. Jason played some songs off of his new unreleased album "Helium Hearts" along with songs from his previous albums "The Nervous Minds of Love", "The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (And Other Frightening Tales...)" and "Makeshift Aircraft".

The crowd was incredibly silent during his performance. Mostly due to the fact that Eddie's Attic has a strict No-Talking-During-A-Performance rule, but also because every audience member was paying attention the amount of love and heartbreak Reeves gives off during his live performance. Songs of love found and love lost set the mood as Reeves laid out his most personal moments in his life on stage. And that's even without mentioning his incredibly smooth vocals and talents as a guitarist.

As a venue, Eddie's Attic was the perfect location for this tour. With a location in the heart of Atlanta, Eddie's Attic provides great food, quality alcohol for decent prices and a laid back atmosphere for all to enjoy the performances they came to see. And for all you smokers out there, have no fear: the venue has a patio out back for all to take a smoke break between acts. Some audience members even admitted to me that they have never heard of Reeves. In fact, their group of friends meets at E.A once a week for the food and music atmosphere. Fun fact, John Mayer was discovered at Eddie's Attic a few years ago. Proof enough that Reeves is heading in the right direction, right? 

Jason Reeves is a fantastic guitarist, a stellar vocalist and a man who knows where he's been.  Question is, where is he going? Wherever it is, America will soon know the name Jason Reeves as he travels throughout the states. 

Stay tuned for my interview with the man himself!