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Bob Dylan talks 'Shadows in the Night' with AARP

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Bob Dylan is appearing on the latest cover of AARP magazine and exclusively opened up about his career plans and current direction to the magazine. The cover and interview will be seen by the over 47 million readers that receive AARP magazine. This has been Dylan's first interview in over three years. Image courtesy of LA Times reported that it was back in May that Dylan hinted through his social media accounts and his website that he had been working on an album that would be a complete cover of famous Frank Sinatra songs. Now he is explaining more about Shadows in the Night which will be released on February 3rd. Dylan opened up about what inspired him to do this album and why it is important to release it now. "I’ve been thinking about it ever since I heard Willie [Nelson]’s 'Stardust' record in the late 1970s," Dylan said to AARP. "All through the years, I’ve heard these songs being recorded by other people and I’ve always wanted to do that. And I wondered if anybody else saw it the way I did." Ultimate Classic Rock added that the interview covered a variety of topics including musical influences, his love of Mavis Staples, R&B singer and what it is like to age in the music business.