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Lindsay Lohan heads off to Brazil with boyfriend Avi Snow before starting rehab (Video)

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Lindsay Lohan is indulging in her final hoorah in Brazil before she turns herself in for a 90-day rehab sentence, mandated by the court for lying to cops. The Liz and Dick star is in Brazil, accompanied by new boyfriend Avi Snow, for both business and pleasure. She’s reportedly getting paid to promote a Brazilian clothing line. According to Socialitelife, Lohan left LAX for Brazil on Wednesday after wrapping up her Anger Management cameo with Charlie Sheen. She seemed happy and in good spirits when she arrived, but after getting out of an elevator in the airport to go through security before boarding she became increasingly annoyed with TMZ’s questions about her being late to the set of the FX show. Sources say she did great on the first day of filming, but by the second, her lateness seemed to impact her acting. “She looked and sounded terrible today. It was like night and day. Today was the harder day with more lines. It will just be edited down,” said a set source.

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