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Adrian Johnston's soundtrack for the motion picture Becoming Jane, starring The Princess Diaries star, Anne Hathaway, which chronicles the celebrated author Jane Austen's romance with a young Irishman, before her rise to fame, is a collection of sweet musings that exemplify the period and will transport listeners to a more simpler and laid-back time.

The album begins with "First Impressions," which exhibits slow, pure and classical piano work. Its sprightly melody is perfect to start the album and gives the mark of a first meeting between two people.

"Hampshire" has slightly higher piano notes and is probably played at a time in the movie where Austen is strolling through the countryside deep in thought. The charming music will no doubt carry listeners to that very spot alongside the famed writer.

"Bond Street Airs," unlike the other tracks, begins with a big band introduction, with violin and drum work and a poetic feeling that has a somewhat pompous vibe to it. The tempo of the song does increase later in the track, possibly showing the mounting in a character's pretentious notions or lack thereof.

"The Basingstoke Assembly" has a jig-like tone to it, complete with violins and drum play. It could be heard during a scene in the motion picture where a large number of people have united for a great ball, where everyone is dancing and having a jolly good time.

In the end, the Becoming Jane soundtrack from Adrian Johnston is just the thing for those who enjoy classical music and wish to harken back to a time where being proper was the norm and time stopped for tea.